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  1. I still don't have any battery info on this update, same as the previous beta.
  2. I've gotten everything working great with this (that I need to) except the battery. My battery indicator doesn't report anything, just a batter with a red exclamation mark. It doesn't change when charging either, and the led notification on top of the phone constantly flashes because of it. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the damn flashing led. Anyone know how to fix this one thing? I've reflashed so many times and can't figure it out
  3. Wow this is really cool. I'm surprised at how smooth the 3D is now. And I've only enabled the Reduce Texture Quality setting, which seems like the same thing as disabling surface dithering for normal apps
  4. I did this and after testing it for a day, it's been 24h and I have 35% left
  5. I tried it out, no difference in prox sensor for me, including using the "always use proximity sensor" option. also usb tethering acts the same, "no internet access" on windows 7. but I did notice it took longer to enable
  6. for me everything works except for auto-complete for the keyboard. and yes I checked the settings
  7. same thing happened to me edit: after I rewiped, and wiped each thing individually instead of wipe all, it worked. try that.
  8. I would love to see this get updated
  9. Thanks for the extremely detailed info, it's nice to get a comprehensive post once in a while.
  10. it happens with or without screen protectors. doesn't matter what the touchpanel sensitivity is, or the other scripts on here to change the screen sensitivity. Wish i could get it looked at or fixed, but acer doesn't even sell phones in US
  11. For me, any rom i've ever tried, the camera/camcorder apps don't work correctly. They work, but they won't stay open. (the real problem is somehow whenever they are open, it gets random touches on the keypad. so the back and home keys exit it out, the menu button opens the menu, and search does nothing. all the buttons randomly get touched.) I'm not able to record video for more than 5-10 seconds, and can only take pictures if I take it really fast. I've gone through almost all froyo, tried eclair, and i'm currently using donut. none work :D
  12. I agree, I want to know the best fully working rom, because for me, even the stock rom isn't fully working.
  13. the lgcamera app does give good video at 800x448, but I was unable to get any kind of decent sound out of it. it would sound bad for a second, then turn into complete garbled s***, or silence, after that first second. and 48000 is the only sample rate that even let's the video record, all others say failed to record wish we could just get the 800x448 added as a resolution to replace the 720p, and then get the sound quality improved with the stand/or metal camera app.
  14. Would this Simple2Ext app work on our CM7? http://www.xda-developers.com/android/andr...ipt-simple2ext/
  15. If I remember right, it's not going to work on 4.002.14, it only works on 4.003.14. Because even though you remove the check for the exact name of the rom, it still does a check for whether the files it's modifying are the same, and you can't remove that check. We'll just have to wait until new rom's are released that incorporate these changes, and knowing the liquid dev speed that could be awhile. Especially with most devs probably focusing on the 'updated' froyo kernel source
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