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  1. I don't understand bootloader and stuff. If I can put a launcher on I'm happy . Ps. .go treat yourself x
  2. I agree! (Not about you getting old lol) Even a scratch..I just get a new one . I'll have a look at your links (looking at pocophone on YouTube now) I did have the Honor 10 for a week, but Hawai took away the option to set different notification tones for apps(another thing that drives me mad) and funnily enough it's hard to find out basic things like that from reviews x
  3. Oh a cracked screen would drive me insane kudos for that lol. I'll have a wee look at the pocophone. Been with HTC for ..well.. Forever! Want a change x
  4. I don't know if anyone has seen the Vivo Nex S. Looks really good x
  5. Sorted by putting in a .nomedia file
  6. Hi guys. Really hope you can help me. My phone is saving every single Facebook emoticon as single individual folders in my gallery. TONS of them! Can anyone help me sort this? Please x
  7. I enjoyed using the MoDaCo app a lot..but I'm seeing a lot of people use Tapatalk now so I thought I'd try it. Still finding my way but it would do ok if the app is retired.
  8. Thanks..I'll install it too as I still can't use the app :( Modaco app no longer in play store
  9. Yep. Had this same issue today as well
  10. You might get one eventually.. :) The Best phone IMHO..but you know how this works..there's always something new on the horizon ;)
  11. I'm liking this update a lot :-) it's definitely snappier. Loving the new settings. You can display your battery percentage ..get rid of that awful power saver icon..change the doc icons and take screenshots easily..prob more I've yet to discover. great phone anyway of course ^_^ lol
  12. :D lol.. I am indeed! :P Well..you see now that the grass is not always greener and you seem genuinely remorseful. I think a shiny new accessory, and some tlc, is in order. I'm sure she will forgive your moment of weakness :blush: I wouldn't mention O2 Refresh to her tho <_< :P Good luck..happy grovelling ;) x
  13. Hi..trying to stream live football on to the nexus 7. Tried the lFS app, sideloaded flash and installed MX player but still no joy. Anyone managed this ? TIA :) x
  14. That's awesome! I like your thinking. :D Wish I'd worked out a system like that. I shall keep it in mind ;) :P x ( I'm with O2 too..didn't even know about Refresh..that'll teach me to pay attention) :P
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