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  1. So to install this you need to make the system partition 180mb... I'm reading here about something called TPT to do this. Separately you need to create an additional ext3 partition on the SD card to trick the phone into thinking it's got more internal storage than it has.
  2. This ROM looks interesting. Apparently the most modern for this old device. A few questions to those who have installed. How is performance ? Can you encrypt wifi tethering (can't in the Eco CM ROM) Also what does GAPPS stand for ? Presumably Google apps ? Thanks
  3. As someone else mentioned, I've had this ROM on since last summer. Not sure how much it's been updated since then. I'm back to my ZTE Blade for a while, as the newer phone died recently. The only problem I found with this ROM at the time was that wifi tethering would only work without encryption. Has this been fixed since last year ? Cheers
  4. The package seems to be for the G3 ? Are you sure this will work with the G2 ? The last time I attempted this using another link to a root install on here it messed the phone up needing a factory reset. Also from what I understand (which may be wrong) rooting the G2 this way doesn't install a recovery partition ? How do you upgrade the OS from there ? What about the Jiayu Android App ? No one seems to mention it here, but presumably this contains links to root installers that are more specific to each model of handset and more likely to succeed ?
  5. Factory reset seems to have cleared the mess (Touch wood). Phone feels even faster than before for some reason. Anyway, think I will leave rooting this for now. It's just a strange mess of info all over the place with regards these Chinese brands, without any clear base and there is no community as such. And this forum is clearly as dead as a dodo.
  6. Ok, so followed the instructions and it did it all, but on restart there is no super user app, graphics have gone slow and jerky and settings crashes if I select tethering. Can someone who actually knows something about this please offer some advice to restore the phone to how it was? (Please save the smart ass comments though) Wish I had never bothered messing with this, there is no solid community around these Chinese handsets I really miss the days of the ZTE blade which has a great community.
  7. Hi, so what's the current state of play for rooting G2 dual core ? Also anyone had any luck with putting Jellybean on ?
  8. cartierv

    Jiayu G2 Review

    Hi, are there generic flip cases that will fit the G2 that are intended for another phone ? It's mostly gel back cases that I see from Hong Kong. Just wondered if there was a case I could use, available in the UK (Note not worried about hole for camera) Thanks
  9. There's no ROMS sub board for this manufacturer as there are for other makes that I could see on this site. This was the closest equivalent. But maybe create one, or perhaps (I don't know) I get the impression the phone doesn't have that many that are stable and usable yet hence the development board ?
  10. Hi I'm looking to get a new phone, and have seen this Dual Sim version of the G330 from Far East suppliers going quite cheap. I believe it's model is U8825D. Couple of questions, because I'm going to want to hack it. Do the ROMs here work with this ok ? I did search but there's only a couple of threads I can find that mention either G330 or U8825D, one called Badu (?) who says his ROM works with this model. And generally, how do the custom ROMs here compare speed/performance wise to the stock ROM that comes with this line of Huawei handsets ? And last... I'm assuming these Dual Sim G330s work ok in the UK ? Cheers.
  11. Should add, encryption doesn't appear to be working though in this version. Still better than nothing.
  12. Right, there is a way round it which i'm using now. There's some beta I've found here: not sure if it's old or new, hard to see on Opera on my Blade, but if anyone is having trouble with this, search for a link on the page that takes you to: wifi_tether_v3_1-pre110.apk This is working for me. The official Wifi Tether on Google Play does not work with this ROM. But this does.
  13. Nice rom. Finally upgraded from fish and chips. However,no wifi tethering apps work anymore here. I need tether for internet. Any way round this? Thanks
  14. Sorry still on R2, In r2 Zero Conf/Bonjour packets seem to be broken. I was told that 2.3 Roms supported Zero Conf, but apparently not it turns out ??
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