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  1. It has still locked up for me when using the pattern lock. Last was this morning. I assume that it is a process using all the cpu. My phone was fully charged and working when I left home this morning. At the office 1.5 hours later it was locked up. After restarting the battery was showing 76% - 10 hours later, with only occasional email use, it is showing 68%.
  2. I did an install from a stock FRG83D. I rooted, wiped and installed r24 with radio update. Those tools fail for me as well.
  3. Does the Beautiful Widgets (or anyone elses) Airplane Widget work for anyone. I didn't try with the stock ROM, but it doesn't appear to work with either the MoDaCo Eclair or Froyo ROMs. Symptoms: If I try and select airplane mode via the widget then nothing happens apart from the widget status changing and a phone vibration. If the mode is selected via the power button then the widget correctly shows the state. I can also turn airplane mode off via the widget. Curious (to me)
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