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  1. Thanks to all. I discovered that the ringtones were set at "hidden" for some reason. Unchecking this attribute allowed them to show up. Rapid, I still would request "cloudy tone" be cooked into the windows directory, so that the default alarm and count down timer will work out of the box. Thank you.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately the ring tones are still not visible in samsung settings or in Windows Mobile settings or in other applications such as the alarm and count down timer. Rapid could you please include at the very minimum "cloudy tone" (72KB) into any future ROM so that default alarms will work. Here is a link for the original ringtones (6MB) from my omnia 2: http://www.mediafire...djnmpm04xuqsd74 Any other suggestions to get the phone to recognize ringtones that aren't cooked in? As mentioned, placing ringtones into /windows and My Device\Application Data\Sounds does not work.
  3. finally got a chance to flash to the latest 29022! no issues, working wonderfully as usual. Thanks Rapid. I have a very noob question, since this ROM does not come with the standard set of ringtones, where does one place a folder of ringtones so that they will be available for selection? i tried placing a ringtone folder in the windows directory, and also in the root of my storage, but they don't show up in samsung settings. Thanks.
  4. glad that you've got it working. I assume you are also a Bell user? Just my opinion, but I would warn against flashing any other phone firmware since there is no way to go back, and I have run into some difficulties which I believe are attributed to the non-stock phone radio firmware. By the way, could you please upload your EBoot_I8000LUG1J6.eb0 as there is no copy of this available online. Only Bell PDA and CSC. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Rapid, I will flash tomorrow and report back. Does this release include any of the new korean drivers, or any plans to have the new drivers in a future build?
  6. Build 29022 – AKU 5312 Windows CE 5.2 Build 6215 (Apr 17 2011 15:49:35) released: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...;postcount=1735
  7. New version of xTask 2.33: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=606162
  8. goto today settings and enable sense interface. else you may have flashed the wrong rom.
  9. Hello, I am seeking the original firmware for Bell (Canada) Omnia II i8000L, phone eboot, csc, I8000LUGIJ6. I do not see this in your latest list. I will gladly pay if you can provide. Please let me know. Thank you.
  10. Personally, I would leave phone part alone unless you have an exact copy of your phone firmware IJ2. I flashed JJ1 to my I8000L phone and it works, but I think it may be responsible for not picking up signal in some places where they are only using 850 band and 1900 band is not available. Unfortunately there is no way to go back to original phone firmware except by Samsung service center...
  11. I was travelling to a remote part of my country and I noticed I was losing signal with my JJ1 phone on my i8000L. At the same time, my friend beside me still had good signal (different phone but same network). Usually my phone has stronger signal than my friend when in the city. So I think maybe JJ1 really is not covering all the proper frequencies in some areas... will flash back to i8000L phone part and test again in a few months. Too bad Samsung has ditched i8000L users since more than 1 year ago....
  12. yes i responded in the MS team ROM thread. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1702646 let me know if it fixes your issue.
  13. try a program called uTask, it allows for auto adjustment to fix these alignment issues with 6.5.x
  14. Thank you for confirming, and I look forward to your new releases! please continue to include BTDUN :mellow:
  15. 29020 released and added to first post. Reported to be the last build for some time.
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