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  1. sure. I am have CM7.2 with new kernel 2.6.32, which already happy for daily usage.
  2. Thanks million, This camera patch works for lastest NIGHTY ROM CM7.2
  3. Got it Kernel 2.6.32 ! tried on phone download it. easlier. thanks James
  4. A PDA cannot make phone call, not 3G connect, surely alive 3/4 days....... nice.
  5. I know UK 2.1 ROM has repartition during flash upgrade of 1.6 ROM. But however not 100% workable, as for some of U8220, it lock by Telcom vendor, so cannot flash UK 2.1 ROM, it was running 1.6 ROM. HOWTO repartition U8220 internal storage ? any other method doing it ?
  6. It can show Chinese web page, just not 100% working, due to missing font. I will wait a bit, as this ROM still not fully function yet. cheers
  7. For some reason, I installed this ROM, which find that very much normal as I use 2.2 custom ROM. 1. flashed this ROM CM7 RC1 gingerbread update-cm-7.1.0-RC1-U8220-signed. 2. flashed CM7 google apps package gapps-gb-20110307-signed. after reboot, change CPU MAX to 748mhz. it seems working just fine. Wifi perfectly connectable. Market perfectly working. Speed better than old version CM7 ROM. More free memory ~48mb. but no GSM, no 3G, no camera which is correct. :rolleyes:
  8. Get yourself U8150, U8220 does not have native wifi hotspot due to the kernel.
  9. Who make this must be .............. No wifi/gsm/3g/gps/bt/camera......why ? :)
  10. WHY do you want to step backward ?
  11. How about hack into U8150 stock rom 2.2 kernel ? and reduce it slim down for U8220 ? ;) :P :D
  12. Can someone modify this ROM to CWM recovery installable custom zip, also reduce the size so other has U8220 (1.5 ROM version) can also enjoy it. Does not have to be fully functional, no camera is fine. As long as phone / wifi / 3G / BT / GPS / tether works. cheers James
  13. you need U8150 with Android stock ROM 2.2, use tether wifi sharing function.
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