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  1. The only change that has occurred with the phone between the reboot on charge not occurring and then occurring out of nowhere was the upgrade to v10D. Nothing else has changed. We've had the reboot on charge since the update a couple of times so far. Prior to the update we never had the issue. Overall we have had more daily reboots with this rom than the previous (v10B). We are completely stock. I am starting to get fed up with this phone. It really is complete rubbish. I'm hanging out for Paul to possibly create a G2X port and will see how that goes. If it continues to play up from there it's going on ebay. Either way we're not buying another LG again.
  2. I very surprised no-one has started work on a G2x port, considering the 2 devices are so similar. G2x port seems like a no-brainer - true vanilla on O2x.
  3. For those wondering, the v10D update does not fix the random reboot issue nor the freeze while charging issue. In fact it made it worse. (my wife's 2x never had the freeze while charging issue until after this update).
  4. I would be greatly interested too if this fixes the random reboot issue. My wife's 2x reboots itself 1-2 times a day, and she sometimes pulls the phone out of her bag only to be welcomed by the black screen of death.
  5. I have encountered this exact issue recently and noticed this thread. The OP has the exact same issue as me. Did anybody manage to work it out?
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