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  1. I've been debating playing with this since I got my S2, I loved swype beta on my old phone and this un updtaed one was beginning to kill me lol
  2. I had similar issues on mine, it'd just stop working sometimes. Seems to be gone on n85
  3. I've had something similar on the stable 7.02 on and off when the battery gets low. Planning to move to the latest nightly so fingers crossed it stops. I only noticed it in bed the other night.
  4. Yeah takes a while to get used to mind you. Heck it's not bad jsut using your thumbs. Dribbling is a bitch lol
  5. I'm finding the kitchen is baking with stuff I didn't want, wavesecure for instance. I've checked the zip and it's got them depsite me unticking them. 2 bakes and it's still in there.
  6. Add me as another happy play customer, after the crap from the 8gb Kingston this one seems like heaven, only been one evening but so far it's perfect. No glitches since I jsut copied everything over.
  7. Right I'm taking the plunge on the Play 16gig! Wish I'm kept all the Kingston stuff for the original 8Gig I'm ordered, it'd be going back if I had. Then again for £10 I suspect it wouldn't have been worth my time arguing. Ofc I'll report back once I've got it, and got it all up and running. Weekend I would guess.
  8. The inability to be 100% sure what card is going to work is pretty much the only thing that is even remotely annoying me about the phone. If I could increase the storage so I could stick a few xvids on there for my train to and from work everyday I would be rather chuffed. As is with Titanium and Clockworks backup taking up a fair chunk of space I fnd myself with a couple of episodes and a handful of albums :/
  9. Ha, tok about 3 mins to dump the 1.5gig off my old card to the HDD and now looks like it might take hours to put it all back to the new kingston 8Gig. Wondering if these wead/write differences might be part of the issue. EDIT: Scratch that, I realised it hadn;t changed file sin a while and looked in my computer, the drive seems to have dismounted in clockwork. EDIT 2: Got it all back onto the new SD and it goes into a dismount and reboot cycle each time I try to boot up. Back to the old 2Gig... /sigh
  10. Well I've been following this for a month, I got an 8gig back then and had constant disconnects etc. was driving me mad. Decided since I've been juggling ROMS an got everything on Titanium again I might as well try 8Gig Kingston Class 4...2nd time gonna work, I hope it works, it better work. It's utterly bizarre how a 2gig installed in the phone works fine but every other card we all try (well alot of them) don't work. There has to be some issue in there. EDIT: So I've got the new one trying to mount from Clockwork after a format, no such luck. First it thought it had files on it..that were all zero bytes now it can't see the drive. This is getting irritating.
  11. Let me add to this further, the conversation shows no picture, but when I open it up there is a pic next to the persons speech bubble! Colour me confused, Batman.
  12. I've made an interesting discovery about the contacts. In handcent some of my contacts without pictures are showing up with facebook profile pics. I know this isn't from previous releases as I wiped the phone this time, and it's a recent pic from today! Not all of them jsut some of them which is wierd. but in the main contacts page I'm showing that there is no picture. Using the stock contacts app R11.
  13. Ah posisbly. I will try that asap (I probably do since the beta installer is so damn huge) EDIT: Yup both the installer and the main app were on the SD rebooting now to test. Rolf now this time it booted into swiftpad or whatever the other one was called in the kitchen. maybe i need the installer on the phone too, it's just too damn big. to fit with everything else on
  14. I'm still on R10, thinking I'll wait till 11 or 12 is stable at the minute. I've found an issue though, each reboot the new gingerbread forces itself as main keyboard, I wouldn't mind but I've got the swype beta set up and each time I've got to go re-enable and reselect it.
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