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  1. Hello my advice would be go back and re install the rom could of been a bad install make sure you clear factory reset etc in the recovery before installing the rom ok
  2. Hello Installed Your Rom And Instantly Found Issues 1.Screen Calibration On First Setup Awful 2.Default Browser Issue's Will Report When Tested Fully Good Rom Over All But Room for Improvement
  3. Ang3l0912

    [ROM] cm7 NIGHTLY v80 Ready

    hello yes it is the right link
  4. look at the first post and it there
  5. so this new phone apk is to sort what exactly just so i know what looking for
  6. hello rexchun thank you for your help do you want me to test phone apk?
  7. so the rom is fixed now?
  8. Ang3l0912

    [ROM] new 2.2 rom

    Thank you rexchun your effort is greatly appreciated
  9. the wifi isnt able to be fixed until kernel is sorted unfortunaly =[
  10. Ang3l0912

    [BUGS] 2.2 and 2.3 bugs

    to be honest 2.3 is not the way to go for now as the fact is its not exactly user friendly you will proberly break your phone before its sorted 2.1 is best option for now
  11. Ang3l0912

    [BUGS] 2.2 and 2.3 bugs

    I reverted to 2.1 for now otherwise by time its com out i would broken most the buttons
  12. Ang3l0912

    [BUGS] 2.2 and 2.3 bugs

    no its just generel errors with blad kernel nd the porting etc
  13. Ang3l0912

    [BUGS] 2.2 and 2.3 bugs

    Could some one post link for latest 2.2 rom i wish to try it again

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