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  1. Nice work, unfortunately had to switch back to a paranoid android rom because the wifi wasn't great. It worked but kept dropping out and didn't hold it, also the general stuff was snappy but the play store was slow but I think that was a symptom of the wifi. Any chance of a tablet style option with a much smaller menu bar at the bottom(like what you did with the vega) because the stock one just takes up buckets of screen space. Seems to be this latest version of android is a touch fussy on the wifi or is it just me?
  2. I would try out CM10 or paranoid android first. The only real advantage that this modaco rom has are the "extras" not really the rom itself if it wasn't for all the packaged hacked apps it wouldn't get a look in. I was getting mega slow down and switched over to paranoid android 2.1 and a custom kernel and it fixed everything and added loads of great stuff.
  3. +1 very bad for me as well particularly effects browsing more than anything else. Only started happening with the r7 whether that is just because I created a backup and crossed some invisible line I don't know but I am thinking of switching to one of the cm10 based ROMs to see if it has the same issue. Tried out the latest paranoid android which is CM10 based and has a better implementation of rotation than the modaco releases with options for tablet and phablet modes at a global and app level. Its very good just chucked on the ap33 kernel as well its all much smoother now.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That was my first thought as well but I can't find anyway to reliably check it without destroying the cable and I would really need a soldering iron to fix it which I don't have at the moment. I tried to gently heat up the end of the connector this morning as that can sometimes fix problems like that and its charged for about 3 hours now standing up in portrait but I don't want to touch it before it has a full charge Hopefully that is just it and a new charger will get the job done but if anyone else has any advice or experience I would welcome it to make sure I am covering all the bases.
  5. So I have a weird problem that has popped up this week and hoping someone has seen it before and can help. My vega refuses to charge at the moment. It was charging intermittently if I held it in portrait at just the right angle but even that has stopped for the moment. I have had it opened up and checked inside and there isn't anything obviously loose or damaged and is otherwise working perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix it or find an alternative method to charging it. My next step is probably going to be to nip down to argos sometime this week and pick up a new charger to see if that is the problem. But I can't see how the charger would cause it only to charge when held a specific way or for it to cut out charging.
  6. I have a sony ereader and I still use it. I will go for big spells where I just use my vega mostly because its a convenience issue as it can connect to my calibre web server and download books straight away. The ereader doesn't do wireless and even if I had a kindle it only does kindle store not the calibre library. So I would get a cheap one as long as its under £100 go for it spending any more doesn't make sense but at that price point you get the most function for the least money. I used to be a real book fan until I encountered the major downside. Storage, ran out of places to put them and got fed up of lugging the damn things around with me all day. I used to carry a couple of paperbacks with me everyday just so I could read during my commute and on breaks but its so much easier with the ereader.
  7. You would probably get more for the parts. But I would probably just convert it to a small PC its one of the nice things about the vega having HDMI and a USB port it gives you options.
  8. Technically but we call any of the family vegas even if its from a company other than vegacomb. The 3.2 rom is called vegacomb even though it works just fine on lots of devices. There is nothing to stop them but the name has become synonymous with the shuttle device.
  9. There aren't many Tegra Turkeys around. I paid £240 for my vega when they were released and this is cheaper and if you can get an iPad for anywhere close to that price let me know because my Dad is after one. In order to be a Vega 2 it would also have to be made by Shuttle sure DSG could call any tablet a vega but really we all know a vega to be a Shuttle P10AN01 and any succesor would also have to be a shuttle. Also like I said with just some better ram and a new screen its a nice upgrade but without kal-el you aren't going to get a real Vega 2 more like vega 1.5 . Im more interested in the latest tablet from asus, ICS and kal-el and a reduction in size with the same ability to dock to a keyboard is definitely a winner. If I can scrounge the cash I will definitely be after one.
  10. Its half the price of an Ipad and the same price as the vega when it came out. But I doubt its actually a vega 2 I may be wrong but why would they release a tegra 250 based system so soon to the launch of kalel.
  11. The big thing about CM7 its very stable in comparison with not a lot of bugs and plenty user functionality changes to make android 2 more tablet friendly. Its actually better in some ways than 3.2 which even in its current incarnation on the vega still has a fair few bugs and issues in comparison. Its also in heavy active development as the vega is now in the CM7 main release as an official device so you get all the CM7 updates. I am actually thinking of going back as while vegacomb is good and looks great in more practical terms CM7 is actually more functional. Its also very mature its coming up on its 200th nightly build since its initial release and is part of the official build list.
  12. I really like the kindle fire but it would have been massively better with the addition of a USB or micro USB and an SD card slot as that way it wouldn't be so tethered to the cloud. And amazon cloud isn't that great if it doesn't have 3G.
  13. I've actually just started to get this issue with the latest vegacomb. Going to try and see what the issue is only thing I can think of is I factory reset the device in CWM before installing the latest build. Going to take a look at it over the next couple of days see if I can fix it.
  14. I was under the impression that the lower price was them trying to offload a lot of reconditioned units they probably don't have any of those left.
  15. Please read the instructions for your tablets. The Vega is unbrickable just install a stock rom.
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