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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I'm not new to Android, I've been a ZTE Blade user for a year and a half which has been flashed oh so many times, I've just never undertaken an 'official OTA' update so I wasn't sure if it 'flashed' the same way. Many thanks for all the detailed replies. Think I'm just gonna buy it then update, hoping to get a good deal on it.
  2. Yeah, I was a fool haha. Are you referring to the factory reset from the bootloader? Because it seemed to get rid of everything on the phone itself but not the SD Card. So to confirm, updating to 4.0 and then doing a reset from the bootloader will keep 4.0?
  3. Hi, I've been borrowing a friends Sensation as I'm considering buying it. By accident I factory reset it in the boot loader (power button = select? That's some bullshit!), now I'm wondering, if I update to ICS (the new OTA update) when I factory reset from the bootloader will it revert back to 2.3.3?
  4. Why do versions keep getting scrapped before half way through? I can understand the logic of scrapping 2.x and 3.x for ICS as its kinda bringing the 'tablet' version and phone version together but why not continue building upon ICS? 'Adoption has fallen short', it hasn't been out very long..
  5. First off, I've only ever one of these services once but it worked perfectly. Since then I've either been able to unlock the phone myself, or I bring it to a guy in my city who has a lot of serious looking cables. How do online unlock code vendors provide unlock codes? I've pondered this for years I've come up with a couple possibilities; They call up network operators posing as someone who travels a lot etc and obtains the code that way. With a large volume or orders I can't see this happening, plus many of these places offer instant unlocking so this wouldn't really be possible. They've figured out whatever algorithm is used to convert an IMEI to unlock code. Is this the same between different operators? Did they find some leaked info? I don't know if a handsets unlock code will always be same even if the IMEI is changed. Perhaps people are changing the IMEI on their own handset and the new unlock code is generated by the phone? (on a handset where unlocking and changing IMEI is easily possible) Anyone have any knowledge? It's driving me nuts.
  6. Haven't flashed my phone since CM-7-06142011 (or been active here). After reading a little bit its seems Cyanogen has stopped updated for the Blade and the new best one to go for is Burger Kangz? Is Burger Kangz 3rd of Feb release relatively bug free? And will it provide more reliability/speed over my current build?
  7. What do you feel is missing in the way of plugins? Anything you feel should be there but isnt?
  8. I'd love to see a semi working port of WM7 for development reasons. The PC emulator works but doesn't really give you a full glance at WM7 (like the Android one does)
  9. I got some 'try before you buy' versions from a friend. They do work, but I didn't enjoy them much. I wouldn't say they're worth the money
  10. Thanks for the ROM KK. I've only just switched last night to using 2,2, using KK's JJR8 and haven't had any issues (apart from the slightly annoying 'Telefonica 02 UK...') On 2.1 RLS4 I found an audio_booster.zip to boost the overall level of sound (including the speaker). Is there anything like this for JJ? EDIT: I'm also wondering how to clear the contact data - I have an idea but don't wish to badword it up :lol:
  11. This is my biggest annoyance with the phone. Does HTML5 video work? Fairly useless right now but will be useful in the future. EDIT: A better question to have asked would be is there any flash alternative that can be used on ARM6, but since I've never seen it mentioned I guess not
  12. I'm running Pauls 2.1 R4 and been waiting a month or so for an equally stable 2.2 release. Are any of the 2.2's as stable as the 2.1 R4? If not, when is this likely to happen?
  13. Any difference in performance? (Angry Birds, etc)
  14. Hi, I got my first Android device a few days ago. First thing I did was get clockwork recovery on their and flash with a debranded rom. As I'm new to Android I've installed and uninstalled tons of stuff and have loads of random files lying around in different places. Next time I flash my phone I want to remove EVERYTHING. Will formatting thre sd card and using CWR to 'wipe data/cache' completerly remove everything to ensure a completely fresh install? Also, off topic - Can you make folders in the application selection screen? Cheers, jblz
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