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  1. That poor short sighted girl trying to keep her glasses on her face but short of an arm to hold up her pants...
  2. I bought one for my mountainbike that was quite good, maybe you can adapt one of those. Note on sods law though, my bike was nicked within weeks of buying it.
  3. I'm on unlimited data for £17.99 on a sim only deal on three. Okay the rest isn't unlimited but I've never been over the allowance by a long way. Does the new deal allow me to have the same access for free when abroad? I doubt it.
  4. Excellent, glad I didn't hand it to them when they wanted to just take it off me. Now I can insist on a voucher... Anything worth buying immediately?
  5. Yep. Less stutter, smoother, hopefully better memory handling. Only just updated so still checking things out.
  6. The storm looks good, but I would miss the NFC of the Smart Ultra (can't find any mention of it on the wileyfox website).
  7. Don't worry, I just checked and it's back up to £125.
  8. That was no to the question 'Have you tried'
  9. No. Just ordered a £14.99 64gb sdxc 90mb/s card that's compatible. It should get all my music on it, just.
  10. I don't take MMS and blocked everything, so that's easy. What we aren't mentioning here is that it also has NFC, at least mine does, and that's impressive on a budget phone.
  11. Apple earbuds won't work, different wiring order on the plug. Typical Apple. Anything else probably depends how well the earphone impedance matches the output.
  12. I just did the update. It seemed to hang on powered bu Android, so I held the power buttonbutton and restarted it, then it went through fine. Still 5.0.2, I was hoping for a 5.1 update. I'll wait until the ROMs roll in.
  13. I bit the bullet and was able to get one on Saturday from Lincoln Vodafone even though every other store seemed to be out. Unlocked it, bunged their sim in my moto g, went to dublin, watched it run out of credit within a day or so. I'm on three, pity I can't tether abroad.
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