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  1. Thanks Paul! It is available in the normal display settings. The option is called "Display scaling".
  2. Hi, I would like to recommend a bumper that in my personal experience is very good and also cheap. I bought one for myself and then one for my wife. I have been using it for 2 months and I can say that for me, this is the best bumper I had on my Nexus 4 so far. I owned a Poetic one but it just split in half after one month, not to mention it was more expensive. It came with a 3 year guarantee but shipping it back to get a new one will cost as much as this new bumper. It also comes in colors and http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1PCS-for-Google-Nexus-4-LG-E960-2-in1-bumper-case-smartphone-mobilephone-case-cellphone-case/759080659.html There is also an aluminum version of it for $9.50 but if it is not used carefully it will split just like the Poetic one. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/7-colors-in-stock-1PCS-for-Google-Nexus-4-E960-2-1-bumper-case-smartphone-mobilephone/766155942.html Hope it helps some of you. cheers!
  3. I use the LBE security suite, it has antivirus,firewall and other cool features Including AD BLOCK. Its modular so you can chose to enable or disable functions. Never had to use adblock since I switched to LBE. Get it here if you want to test: http://forum.xda-dev...9&postcount=773 Paul have you tried it out before ?
  4. thank you for this comprehensive article! I am traveling to uk allot and just like you have wifi most of the time but its good to have a free solution while not having wifi access so thank you again !!! I will defiantly signe up to Ovivo and will try out Samba as well (even if I have to watch 292 commercials) (Think i will script something and leave it running to get the free megabytes )
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a method to enable apps that aren't intended for your region, such as Google wallet. other than flashing a custom ROM, or is it a kernel limitation ? Thank you for your help, Albert.
  6. Playing Baseball with my lg 2x.

  7. This release is is from 7.12.12! Read all about it : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2028946&highlight=search+this+forum
  8. WARNING !!! this will wipe your device!!! Back it up before you begin! Please do not attempt this if you are not sure what you are doing. I will not be held responsible if you will mess up your device. Lets begin... Here is how to Unlock your Nexus7 Bootloader (was tested on windows8 x64 + Nexus7 32gb ver- non 3g) Step 1 - Download Android SDK from the Android Developers website and install with USB drivers. http://developer.and.../sdk/index.html Step 2 - Enable USB Debugging mode in your Nexus 7 tablet. Watch out there is a different method now : Step A - Go to Settings > About phone. Step B - Scroll down to the bottom to “Build number.” Step C - Tap “Build number” seven (7) times. Right after the third tap, you will see a dialogue box that says "you are only four taps away from being a developer." Continue tapping four (4) more times. Step 3 - Make sure you have backup your data as it will be removed. Then switch off your Nexus 7. Step 4 - Now go into Fastboot Mode on Nexus 7. How? Press Volume Down + Power keys for a few seconds till you see some text on the screen. This is bootloader mode. Step 5 - Navigate to android-sdk-windows\platform-tools directory and open Command Prompt (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt). Step 6 - Type in the following command and press Enter. fastboot oem unlock Step 7 - Now follow the on-screen instructions and proceed. Step 8 - In the end, reboot your Nexus 7 tablet with the following command if not rebooted automatically. fastboot reboot That’s it. Your Nexus 7 bootloader is no unlocked and you have the possibility to flash a custom recovery and root your device.... if you want to.... I hope this helps.
  9. did anyone try it out yet on 4.1.2 ? cheers, Alebrt
  10. No wonder they have reached bankruptcy. I Wish I was in uk when that happened. they had up to 60% discounts...
  11. I just got mine from PC world in Nottingham for 199 and I will get 20gbp back...
  12. in October.... according to seven colour gossips - the LG Indonesia was working day and night to release the update. The update includes an ICS with the latest LG Optimus UI 3.0. Here is an article : http://www.thegadgetcode.com/2012/09/android-ICS-LG-optimus.html Don't know what about you but LG is blacklisted in my books. I love my new SGS 3 :)
  13. Only In South Korea at the moment but that is something ! Read all about it here : http://sevencolourgossips.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/huge-lg-android-4-0-ics-update-for-lg-optimus-black-2x-lucid-lte-3d-prada-vu-nitro-hd-spectrum-coming-it-will-be-much-more-than-only-ics/ I guess that something should happen this month. All we can do is wait and see. I sold my 2x by the way :)
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