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  1. UPDATE: SOLVED. It resolved all by itself. Basically, I got fed up and I left it to loop back and forth from the boot screen....and after a few minutes I returned to the phone screen to find it had booted up fully to the normal desktop. Very strange. I might just have a dodgy phone.
  2. Hi, I am running a custom ROM (Darky's 9.5) on a rooted Galaxy S with Voodoo Fix. All has been fine for the past week since I changed to this ROM. However, today, suddenly the phone switched off and then immediately turns on by itself and as soon as the Galaxy S screen appears it restarts again and the loop continues. I removed the battery, but as SOON as I put the battery back in, it turns on by itself and resumes the on off sequence. So its IMPOSSSIBLE to get into recovery mode, it doesnt work even though I have it enabled. I can get into Download mode but it lasts 5 seconds as the phone switches off and back on. I can connect via USB to computer in download mode, but like I said it lasts 5seconds. Is my power button jammed or is there something sinister going on? lol Warranty is not an option... Thanks for any advice!
  3. I have the latest firmware 1.06.5 and running r5 mod with performance pack. I can PAIR successfully with both the bluetooth mouse and keyboard but cannot connect.
  4. Thanks, but i already have usb hosting working and currently use a wireless usb mouse but it does not work as well as a bluetooth mouse in RDP apps. For a start the usb mouse cannot scroll with its scrolling wheel and also the cursor is a crosshair as opposeed to a pointer I get when using my bluetooth mouse on my Galaxy S. Hence I am looking for bluetooth support on the vega...
  5. Anyone know how to get a bluetooth mouse working on this?? I have tried to use an app called BlueInput but it does not work. Any way to get the bluetooth HID drivers on it from the galaxy tab? Need a mouse for RDP ease.. Thanks
  6. Any updates on this? Seems pretty cool, just checked out the cyangen mods for the EVO.
  7. I have only had 2 occasions where the tablet randomly switched off for no reason whilst surfing the web. This was on a r2 mod pack excluding performance pack. I have had no issues since updating to r4 with performance pack addition. For what its worth my quadrant score is 2445.
  8. A wireless mouse and keyboard would be great! Can't wait..
  9. I think it should auto hide like the windows taskbar. Free up some screen real estate when using the stock web browser!
  10. Only problem with launcherpro is that the wallpaper does not fit to screen but rather becomes blown up and only a portion of it zoomed-in is available to see!
  11. Any news on this? Really want to get rid off some icons without having to use launcherpro since it does not allow wallpaper sizes to fit to screen..
  12. Just paid a tenner solely for the performance pack and what can I say....£9.99 well spent! The performance boost is amazing, no lag - a noticeable difference in everyday navigation and browsing. If anyone used that £10 curry's voucher, spend it on this performance pack, you will not be disappointed. My advice is not to install the performance pack right at the start. Rather, fill up your vega with your apps and use it for a day or two and you will see that the speed is not terribly slow but could be a bit better....THEN install the performance pack and you will REALLY appreciate the difference. Very pleased, thanks Paul for the efforts :P
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