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  1. Would this method work for the CDMA version of the Moto G? (Boost version sold in the US)
  2. ADVERTISING SPAM and most online stores has a limit of 2 phones per address every 6 months. So if no one had used Alfasent for purchasing PAYG phones from ADVERTISING SPAM in the last 6 months it would go through fine. :D
  3. ^ You can purchase it from ADVERTISING SPAM through eBay for 99.99 incl topup using a non uk PayPal account.
  4. Try ordering from ADVERTISING SPAM, many who ordered from there got the OLED version. :(
  5. Yes, will be launched in India by Jan and they have priced it about 16000 INR ~ 225 GBP. :)
  6. Which payment gateway should I use to pay from my Orange Credit?
  7. Have you tried Aramex Shop N Ship, they give you a UK address where you can order items. The shipping cost to Czech Republic is only 10 GBP for 0.5 kg ;) Even I want to order the Grey SF, but all these online stores do not accept my Credit Card nor Paypal! :P :P
  8. Wow. Thats an awesome deal. Can someone help me buy this phone. I am from India and its not possible for me to order it directly. So if someone can buy it and get it shipped to my Shipment Forwarder in the UK it would be a great help. I can pay by Paypal or Moneybookers. ;)
  9. When did you order from Carphone Warehouse? How long did it take for it to be shipped? ;)
  10. Has anyone used CarPhoneWarehouse before? They have the grey version in stock for 109.95 GBP. http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/buy/ORANG...CISCO_OJT_WEB10
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