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  1. Hello KonstaT, thanks for the work, great ROM! Seems bo be niecly smooth... Please ignore what's below, re-flashing gapps fxed it. I probably restored a bit too much using Titanium Backup (Laucher settings?). So, this post is jus a kudos for the nice ROM ;-) But I have one problem: I can't change the wallpaper. Choosing one from the Gallery does not show any effect (previous one remains), the only LWP included is google maps - I tried this, but now can't get rid of it at all! Any ideas how to solve this? With that LWP the launcher now lags horribly, I need to get rid of that... Edit: Forgot to mention: Using a 180mb System partition (so plenty of space left), did full wipe, installed recommended "medium ICSD gapps"
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! But... wouldn't good ole "Blade WIFI fix" do the same thing, but much simpler? (especially if you're not a tasker addict yet ;)) And BTW: What is "WIFI fix amanger" (mentioned in 2nd post)? I couldn't find this anywhere...
  3. I have a Blade with CM7 N133 here and it never reconnects to WIFI. Has anyone seen any improvements when playing with these WIFI drivers? ROM used: CM7, N133, updated Gen1 (good ole OLED one) to Gen2 with wbaw's TPT & CM7 imageWifi Policy: defaultType of Router (Make/Model): AVM Fritz!Box 7130 (1&1 branding)DHCP Lease Time: default (no idea)What Wifi application used (such as Blade Wifi fix or Wifi Fix Manager): None so far.So... no vote yet, just saying that the default WIFI behaviour is not satisfying...
  4. Not even necessary, it usually detects this automatically (depending on the GSM network, I assume). And YES, FLB contains German as a language :(
  5. I updated from r8a to r10b without wipe. Worked well, I only had to re-configure my widgets (in LauncherPro) and restore the store WIFI networks using Titanium. I also applied Frankish's BlueGuingerbreadCircle-Mod and his mod for the power widget (blue on black). I'm using an "old" UK SanFran with OLED and 3MP camera. WIFI has the same quirks for me as in r8a: Reconnection is sometimes rather slow (occasionally more than a minute) and at least once I found my network marked as disabled/deactivated ("deaktiviert" in German version) in the list of networks - it would only re-connect after enabling this again. To be clear: WIFI in general was active, only my home network was set to disabled. I had this occasionally (about once in 1-2 days) in r8a as well, never saw this in JJ6. Besides this, I'm perfectly happy with FLB! Overclocking and the power widget @ status bar are relly nice features to have :huh: This is as close to a perfect Wednesday ROM as we can currently get :) (BTW: Scrolling in app drawer and menus remains slightly choppy as on all Froyo ROMS I used so far, only 2.1 ROMS like HH were really smooth there, but had too many other issues)
  6. So is there any chance of modifying this to be less transparent? The one in the scrrenshot in your 1st post looks great, mine seems to be a lot more transparent (white text in background looks same as deactivated symbols of the widget). I had a look into the ZIP but the only thing I find is a settings.apk ... I'll probably try a black one... the widget on a home screen (no transparency) looks fancy :)
  7. Am I really the first one to answer? :) This is a really cool mod, thanks a lot Frankish. I flashed the transparent blue one and it looks nice, but it's too transparent... on top of anything with a considerable contrast (for example a clock widget), the widget itself gets hard to see... If you can recommend a good & free screen shot app, I'll try to post a pic to show what I mean :huh:
  8. They might be next to each other sometimes, but most people don't get here through the list of topics... there a plenty of links to this topic, bookmarks etc. Anyway, folks, let's get over to the new thread! BTW: Updating from r8a to r10b as I write... :huh:
  9. The initial post doesn't say anything about the new thread, so it's quite natural for people to post where they found the ROM.
  10. +1 here. It only crashes when I try to switch from photo to video or vice versa. Both modes work as usual if started through the right app icon (i.e. camcorder for video). This is still on r8a, so it seems to be an older issue. I didn't have this with JJ.
  11. Sorry for a totally OT question, but does speech recognition work at all for you with FlexT9? Doesn't work for me on r8a (doesn't even seem to hear anything)...
  12. The TPT you link will also shrink the /cache partition and your ROM (any ROM you might install later on, until you do another TPT) will need to take care about this (i.e. use /data for caching). Does CM7 do this without further ado? Anyway, I intentionally didn't link this one, as I saw wbaw having problems with it on the FLB thread (not sure if these are solved or where maybe not even caused by this).
  13. Can someone confirm R10 (+ addt'l update) fixed the WIFI issue and super user is also again / still working? Wondering if I should update from 8a, which I am quite happy with. Any noticeable speed-up since then?
  14. Why wait for another way and not install JJ9 using TPT, then just install FLB? While asking this here, you could have done that a few times :huh: Alternatively, you can search for "blank" TPT files in this forum, but it would take longer, that thread seems to be rather far down by now. BTW: I also did it "the JJ way" (but actually used JJ for some time), works fine.
  15. This is really interesting stuff, thanks for the link, Grain! It also shows that Wimax support has just been added as of 22.2.2011 - so how about feature freeze and not adding our FM radio support??? Actually this also seems to be the source of (or at least related to) the "connect to GSM after Wifi" issue, so it's a nice demonstration of how risky it is to include new functionality into a RC...
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