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  1. What's happened to the news and weather widget? It vanished after I installed 2.81 update.
  2. I installed gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip after installing 2.70, it all worked fine. When I installed 2.80 I didn't install gapps again until I had problems. Google play store says version 3.10.14, it still says uninstall updates. I didn't think to check the version before I uninstalled updates in the previous post.
  3. I installed the 2.80 update earlier today (from 2.70) All my contacts have gone (apart from whatsap and facebook contacts) Google Play doesn't load, flashes open for a split second then closes. My google account has vanished. I wiped cache and davlik cache before updating. Deleted cache from google play app, no difference. Before posting this I tied a few things. I installed google apps pack again and added my google account. Contacts synced, play store opedned but closes when trying to install an app. I had to go to settings/app, find google play and uninstall update. It seems fine now
  4. I'm looking for a battery that will last longer than the stock battery. Loads on ebay but I don't trust the sellers, feedback tends to say they are not the mah they claim to be. Has anyone bought a higher capacity battery and found it actaully lasts longer. I'm not looking for a big chunky battery that needs a replacement back cover to make it fit.
  5. Is there a two way call recorder that works with this rom or a kernel I can install that will make one work?
  6. It's pretty easy to get the score without sdcard, just subract them. So mine above would be 1575-55-138=1382 then 1649-54-119=1476 and last one 1730-65-135=1530 Simples.
  7. I have no idea about turning the sound off but if you ask O2 they will stop the balance messages, it used to really annoy me.
  8. I mean the benchmark program, it's not much use if it gives different results without changing a thing on the phone
  9. I seem to get different results everytime I run AnTuTu. With no SDcard check. GSF b14 ROM Score of 1352 Flashed new kernal with no wipe Score of 1344 Had a few problems so installed backup I made before flashing the kernal. Score of around 1240 Ran it again without doing a thing and score of 1326. just ran it again and got a score of 1188. Waste of time if you ask me.
  10. I have GSF b14 and my market updated on it's own the other week, damn thing didn't ask, just decided I wanted it.
  11. My market updated on it's own last night, using GSF B14
  12. Monte Carlo Specification list: Dimensions: 126 x 68 x 11 Camera features: 5.0 Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth / USB / SatNav / Signal boost / HD Voice Music: MP3 & Radio Network band: Tri band Video: Messaging Memory: 130mb + 2GB Micro SD Card inbox Email: POP3 / IMAP4 / Mobile Mail Data speed: 3G + Operating system: Android Version: Gingerbread v2.3 Other: 4.3" Capacitive touchscreen, 800 mhz processor More info here, scroll down to Monte Carlo http://newsroom.orange.co.uk/2011/07/06/orange-launches-barcelona-and-stockholm-handsets-in-stores-across-the-uk/
  13. Isn't the problem just that the token that is sent is not tied to the device it was sent from? Seems an easy fix to tie the token to a specific device and block any other device that is trying to use it.
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