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    I am a rom flashing junkie for windows mobile and android phones >:3
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    HTC Sapphire
  1. :) so, any opinions on what the best android phone is? any opinions on what is the most indestructible android phone is? the fastest? i currently have a mytouch 1.2 on gingeryoshi rom and wondering which other phone is faster. i am considering on upgrading and id like to stay with a TMOBILE android
  2. Doughnut643

    Looking for Help Rooting the slide

    i got root from the unlockr.
  3. Doughnut643

    Sapphire ROMS

    ginger yoshi roms are good
  4. Doughnut643

    HTC Magic - Fails to boot, recovery mode gone?

    If you still have your phone, i suggest you create a gold card, flash the correct spl, and then try to flash the correct recovery and radio through hboot. hope it helps ^__^ oh and maybe try on a different computer

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