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  1. thank you @zeelog for your work in this device. please can you tell what is supose to do with '\extras' folder? do you advice to merge into \system with a bigger tpt? thank you again for your support. (hope you understand my bad english . . . )
  2. sorry guys, my mistake. my blade is a frankeinblade. started with a gen2 board, it was repaired with parts of libra and blade. tested again with blade checker and confirm this "new" board is gen1. i've instaled the 'G1-G2 v10a' to my slim mod rom thinking that g1-g2 mean to both gen . . .
  3. i only use TPT Helper to do a custom partition eg. 150mb. when exists a partition layout that i can use in 'amphoras' only use that. just have to put 'G1-G2 v10f' or whatever in [\sdcard\image\'G1-G2 v10f' extracted files] and with phone off, power on holding the vol+ and menu buttons. et voila.
  4. i have a gen2 too, and the tpt 'G1-G2 v10f' is the right one for you. if i understand, you have 'G1-G2 v10 stock' with 210mb right? the 'G1-G2 v10f' must work in your phone. upd i believe that you know how to do it, but if you don't, go to amphoras and down to Manually to know how.
  5. what? :D do you know what you are doing? sorry for that . . . :( 'G1-G2 v10f' is not a rom! it is only to repartition the layout of the phone, and to have space for you to install this rom. ;) hope you understand my English.
  6. yes you can :D , or better . . . you must. that version is for gen1 and gen2 (g1-g2) ;)
  7. as flash player fell into disuse, the best way is a player with flash support (mxplayer maybe), or a special browser like Puffin Browser . . .
  8. and now? . . . did you formated the tpt again? or just do not formated when i told you? why you guys don't read at least the answers to your questions. my first guess is that you are joking from whom are trying to help you. WTF.
  9. hello 'godo13405', do you managed to solve your problem? share your solution with us when you do. ;)
  10. wtf. that is strange problem. after that, the only thing i can remember is mac address protection by your router, but according to you (I have tried several networks) . . . i don't know . . . one thing i can ensure you, i use KonstaT last build (and used earliers) and never seen nothing like that related to the rom. edit unless of course, problems related to users who don't read the first post, and by that, don't do what KonstaT recommends ;)
  11. are you connecting to a hidden ssid? change your wifi password to a simple one (without special characters). can you test wifi with another phone? use a free tool like FING to ping www.google.com and put here the answer
  12. so, if i understand, you have internet, the 'problem' is the gray icon . . . correct?
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