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  1. Having a cable such as this at hand would help greatly: http://www.dynamikaccess.com/en/accessoires/74/
  2. Well, both the PixelQI and the LG LP101WH1-TLB1 have a 40 pin LVDS interface, if the LG plugged in and powered on, so should the PixelQI. Maybe someone with deeper pockets than I could take the plunge and report back?
  3. My contract was just renewed, also got a SGS unopened and unlocked, got £280 for it on eBay, just can't part with my HTC HD2 <3 time to buy a dock!
  4. Anybody at all? And are the mobile network settings in the Wireless Settings page now? If not, when you add an account to Gmail, press the home button and click wireless options, then mobile networks, can anybody add an APN there? Before this version, it wouldn't save and be blank again... :lol:
  5. In that case, they're either preparing for 3G or have already added it to the kernel, is the boot.img the same as the one from 1.06.5? If it isn't, hopefully a 3G USB dongle will now connect.
  6. That would be great, but until then, I could create a PHP based generator to create the framework-res.apk, with the appropriate tools to get it working on your Vega (ADB with install script / installable APK which overwrites existing if possible (safest)).
  7. Good to know, thanks :D I'll give it a go when I get home and see if I get anywhere at all..
  8. I'm in work at the moment, I plan on making a thread when I get home (finish at 7), I have screenshots and more information, as well as my boss who is supplying a 3G dongle for me to mess round with. May as well discuss it here for the time being, then I'll get onto the thread when I get in.
  9. All we need now is the kernel source from Advent, then enabling it would be easy. Assuming it isn't already enabled, but nobody has put their APN in yet. I'll go get a Huawei dongle and mess around with it tonight.
  10. The ePad is a P10AN01 device. Identical spec AFAIK, there are multiple devices from multiple companies using the P10AN01 as a base to their product, although the ePad is the only one I could find that has 3G, seems they're slightly ahead of the other companies. Would be nice if someone with an ePad could get in touch with Modaco forums.
  11. I was looking at that a while back, the F3307 is a mini pcie board, the free slot on the Vega seems to be a placement board where someone with skills can solder a mini pcie slot. But if you have a Huawei 3G dongle, try slotting that in the USB port, going to an application such as GMail where you can add a new account, hold the back button until the menu comes up and hit Wireless Settings, in that submenu you can activate 3G and set up APN's, figured it out by accident the other night and don't have a 3G dongle to see if it actually activates. You probably won't get a signal bar on the stock Vega firmware, unless you use AdamG's CyanogenMod which will be relased shortly, that has the bar, and you may need to add Phone.apk and TelephonyProvider.apk from a compatible device (ePad) to /system/app/ before 3G will work. If theres nothing in the kernel stopping it from working. This is purely theory. If a 3G dongle could work via USB, it might be a cheaper alternative to add an extra USB port to the device than buy the F3307 and have a PCIE slot soldered on. Although the F3307 will also enable GPS functionality.
  12. Great! Try the following if you could :unsure: su cd /system busybox tar zcvf /sdcard/system.tar.gz * busybox dd if=/dev/mtd/mtd2 of=/sdcard/boot.img This should write system.tar.gz and boot.img to your SD card. OR, if your using ADB... Download this file: dump_image Then do the following: adb push dump_image /data/local/ adb shell /data/local/dump_image system /sdcard/system.img adb shell /data/local/dump_image boot /sdcard/boot.img This one should write system.img and boot.img to your SD card. If either works, could you upload these to the web and post a link / PM me please? Many thanks.
  13. According to the web, the non-3G version of the Malata Zpad (P10AN01) has a PCIe placement on the motherboard which we can modify to add 3G + GPS support. "There is a PCIe placement on board, but does not have the socket. Technically, you should be able to solder a socket on to add PCIe 3G card. You will also have to solder the SIM socket as well."
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