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  1. This ROM is progressing very nicely! Some problems I have: - Bluetooth doesn't work I have been unable to get Bluetooth working on 1.5.1 (full version installed after full wipe). Anyone else? Could this be a similar issue to the WiFi problem, I take it those with working Bluetooth used the patch version from 1.4 rather than 1.5.1 full? - Media Scanner issue After a reboot, media is not detected (e.g. in Music or Gallery). I think the issue is with the Media Scanner, the first time the ROM booted I noticed the 'Preparing SD card' notification, but this doesn't happen after a reboot. Unmounting SD (from Settings > Storage) then removing and re-inserting SD card works for now. I noticed that this ROM still seems to confuse SD storage with USB storage at times - Brightness level After a reboot, the brightness level always reverts back to default and not the last setting - Books app disappears Don't use it myself, but thought I would point it out! Overall, things seem much better, albeit a little bit laggy for me (will try to OC later). I didn't notice in the update notes but it looks like image quality is much higher, the horrible dithering effect seems to be gone in 1.5.1 :P
  2. I'm finding that in Beta 1.3 it often fails boot into recovery. The G-Script method works for me but for some strange reason I have to always do it twice. The first time it will just reboot but running the script again after the system is booted seems to work the second time. Just use: recovery_2 reboot (ensure SU is ticked).
  3. Unless I am being stupid, it looks like the Calendar is missing in Beta1a, it was there in the Alpha versions. I looked at \system\app directory of the zip file and it is not there. Can anyone provide the APK? Also, anyone had any luck with Bluetooth yet? It now switches on in Beta1a but doesn't find any devices (and no device finds the Vega when made discoverable). Great work as always, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to Froyo or Gingerbread after using this ROM!
  4. It worked for me, if you haven't rebooted then try going into Titanium and click Menu > More > Reload application, this worked for me.
  5. Anyone else getting really tinny sound, as if there is no bass at all (via headphones and with any music app)? I downloaded a DSP Manager app but it doesn't help (I think it only works on Cyanogen ROMs). Also, anyone aware of a fix for Bluetooth? Great work guys, keep these ROMs coming, with a few more fixes I could easily use this ROM daily! Maybe we will see a 3.1 ROM soon :unsure: Samurai Vengeance probably won't work because the cache partition is too small, I had to extend it just to get it installed on my old Froyo ROM. Not sure about setCPU though.
  6. Great work guys, downloading it now! EDIT: Works surprisingly well, no slower than my mate's Asus Transformer! Can't wait for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work. Anyone know if there are links to the current stock Honeycomb APK's (such as Music, YouTube etc.)? Cheers!
  7. This has no effect for me, is this the Gingerbread DSP Manager? I thought this doesn't work on Froyo ROMs?
  8. I am not an Android developer, but I thought the resolution of the device was stored somewhere like init.rc (sorry can't remember where I saw this). As the Vega screen is 1024x600 and the LG is 1366x768, maybe it just needs to be updated? Would love this to work, good luck!
  9. I don't know if it will help but you need a module called joydev.ko, is this what is included in 0.5 to provide compatibility? I had trouble finding a suitable version of this (before the kernel updates) so let us know if you make any progress!
  10. Would this work now? http://www.appbrain.com/app/gamepad-ime/de.killig.gamepadime
  11. Works fine for me. You didn't force it to the SD card somehow (e.g. via Link2SD)? Anything with widgets you should keep in internal memory to avoid problems.
  12. With regards to Option 1, there is no faffing at all. You only have to pair the Vega with the headphones/receiver once. Then, as long as Bluetooth is switched on on the Vega, switching on your headphones should auto-connect and you are ready to go. The only problem is that the Vega, like many other Android devices, is crap when streaming music via A2DP whilst Wi-Fi is switched on, you will get problems such as pauses and pitch-shifting during playback. If you can live with having Wi-Fi off, it will be fine. Otherwise, your screwed. P.S. I am using a pair of Nokia BH-905's and I am very happy with them: http://www.nokia.com/microsites/bh-905
  13. For real? I didn't think this was possible, will definitely give it a go when I get home just for this! P.S. ¡Muchas Gracias!
  14. Wo! Calm down there! For starters, this is a leaked version and not necessarily the final version which will be released on Friday. If you use the official Vega ROM the version of Flash supplied is much better. And as for the artifacts, this is down to nVidia drivers and modules on our ROMs and has nothing to do with Flash, the reason we are getting them now is probably because they enabled hardware acceleration.
  15. Thanks for 0.4, this version seems much better than previous versions. I no longer get lockups when enabling/disabling Bluetooth. On the front page you mentioned this: Could you explain how to keep WiFi alive when in standby? I have tried apps like this one seeing as the "Wi-Fi sleep Policy" setting is missing on our Vega's but it still doesn't work. For now, I have to use Backlight Killer as a workaround. If there is a way for it to work, please let us know! Cheers.
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