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  1. SO it looks like after the battery died, it won't take a charge - finally found a hudl that couldn't be recovered :( C'est la vie. Was great while it lasted!
  2. Well this is a new one to me.... All i can do is switch the device on and off - after each reboot it goes to a black screen with a blue box saying "EFI Hard Drive has been blocked by the current security policy". "OK" is highlighted, but the screen is dead, so unable to press it. Anyone got any good ideas on how to recover? Or have i finally bricked a hudl2? **Edit** - Using a keyboard with Micro USB i can press enter to get to the boot menu, but only the EFI Harddrive displays, so can only select that. I suspect that a powered USB Hub might allow me to try and boot from a USB stick with recovery on it, but no recovery files. Anyone got a good suggestion?
  3. Looks like they've deleted the blinkbox apps after Tesco sold / shuttered the company, and replaced with suitable alternatives to male sure no one lost out. Personally not a big deal, and not technically "more" bloat...
  4. You can get one with a smashed screen or busted charging port from eBay for less than that, and easily swap the board / port to make a working one. Honestly, easiest job I've ever done....
  5. Hudl charger and hudl2 charger are different. Would only use the supplied charger if you want to avoid issues tbh...
  6. Never seen any of these issues here either... Don't disagree they are real, but haven't been effected myself :)
  7. @xLuciferx - Did you ever get anywhere with this?
  8. Of course you cant.... After each time the device reboots, it wipes anything you do, and flashes it back to 'out the box' although in this case it's back to VIrgin Demo mode... Guessing this is to avoid privacy / bad content concerns on a device designed to be tethered to their store displays. Give it up dude...
  9. Did anyone ever take this any further? Still no custom recovery ROMs after so long......!
  10. Different build numbers, signed with different keys. It's absolutely a different ROM.
  11. Doesn't work. Demo is a different build / ROM.
  12. Guys, I can promise that you won't be able to get rid of demo mode. Its a completely separate ROM, and signed with different keys to the standard customer ROM. Send it back Lucifer. Hopefully you can get your money back!
  13. Ping @tesco and let them know. Maybe they can help! They're usually quote good, and I'm sure they'd love to have it back with some info on where you got it from! ;) If not, DM me :)
  14. Yup. 10s reset is same as full reset. Not a factory reset!
  15. Looks like you've bought s stolen unit XLuciferSx.... The In store demo units are just that - for in store usage. They have a different firmware, with different keys, and AFAIK you can't flash directly from one to the other. Normally they are locked down, but pull hard enough and they'll come away - kinda useless as anything else though, so not worth the hassle! I'd get your money back and report the person you bought it from to the Police...
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