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  1. um... no idea on that. flip action is controlled by accelerometer sensor. sensors are off in deep sleep mode and I suppose the phone should be wake up(so as the sensor) when received a call. it is weird I need to reproduce the scenario and take some logs about it.
  2. yeah. I noticed that. ganster's patch breaks the new cameras yet it gives a stable image to us with the legacy camera I hope I could find out why mdp composition is not 100% working why we got glitches here and there.
  3. not compatible with google gallery. please remove it from the google apps package you flash. indeed, paranoma works with the free version of ics camera in play store.
  4. You have to wait the superuser process finish before u go for next move.(ie. the notification fade out) make sure u checked the set on boot option as well. After Reboot, the performanace setting will be the last startup process . (Superuser notification will popup and the option saved would be applied.)
  5. Patch already applied just missed a proper XML file for the OMX encoder/decoder like streaming and video flashed this with recovery and basically the rom will have same as Kosta's one : ARMv6-Qcom-media-codec-fix.zip
  6. Oh, my mistake, here the patch to fix https://hotfile.com/dl/179888153/28b5a33/camera-fix-RC-2.3.zip.html
  7. 1. try manual setup the day and time. 2. by default, date and time display merged with weather panel. so u may better enable it and sync the service. then if u are not using weather panel, just goto ROMCONTROL > STATUSBAR > NOTIFICATION DRAWER LAYEROUT choose traditional layout then reboot if ui doesnot change after reboot.
  8. Actually yes, my kang was delayed because of the hardware failure with my blade, (that the touchscreen and volume buttons not responding , need serveral reboots to get a normal state for testing.) just give me some time to matchup some kernel changes needed by latest cm10 qcom changes. I will release a new build likely tomorrow.
  9. I have include this patch with my cm9aokp kang. it did speed up slightly the view finder with my oled blade(3M pixel camera), especially in panorama mode
  10. Changelog : RC 2.4 Kernel - port rndis usb gadget and enable native usb tethering (credits to WaylandACE and KostaT) - switch to ondemand governor , support boost event with CM commits. RomControl - port back navbar transparency from my galaxy nexus aokp 4.2 project - color fill method to notification background (port from CNA) - power off hidable in power menu RC 2.3.4 - backport wifi resume fix for wpa6 device (CM10) - Wifi Settings: Allow to define the idle timeout (5 mn to 3 hours) (CM10) - Fix Stream playing with Stock Browser (credits to Ganster and KostaT) RC 2.3.3 - Bluetooth CAF upstream change (CM10) - Countdown in Clock freezez with memory-hungry apps in background (CM10) - fix zram init.d script (default on , setup in build.prop) - minor surfaceflinger and ui fix ported back from ics branch RC 2.3.2 (Full language version skipped) RC 2.3.1 - dropped Ganster's patch with libcamera and rolled back to 4.1 Camera, bring back compatiblitiy with 4.2 Camera. get back panaroma mode but have glitches with previews. RC 2.3 Proper port back fix for Adreno HW Texture issue from ICS, credits to Konsta Encoder Fix from WinSuk , hence fixed gallery preview issue completely. adopt Viewfinder Color Fix for Camera.msm7x27 libs base on Gangster41 , (works pefect with Camera and Camorder but breaks panorama mode. ) Increasing RingTone (CM) Alpha Settings with Circle Lockscreen RC 2.2 build.prop fix for notifiation blur update João Ventura fix on Mms auto-retrieval (CM10) Wire headset detection fix (CM10) Add Circle Lockscreen (AOKP) (Enable with Settings> Security, Circle color tweaks in ROMcontrol) Get rid of CM's messing up with Gallery2.apk, proper implementation of color fix and Legacy Camera RomControl Navigation bar : Left hand mode (original from cm10) Scroller: Adds options to control scroll friction and velocity RC 2.1 derp translation string with simplified chinese RC 2 - sync with AOKP(milestone 1) and CM10 latest source, aosp merges also. picked from konsta - crt fix for kernel - downsize input method by removing dictionaries - gallery and legacycamera job, credits konsta and Rashed as well function port from cm tree APOLLO PLAYER CMFilemanager DSPMANAGER extend desktop (powermenu switch enabled inside Romcontrol submenu) phone : advance phone settings from cm7. mms : quick message contacts : add korean and simplifed chinese T9 search engine backport from cm9aokp hot reboot option transparanet statusbar and lockscreen. RC 1.1 - sync with AOKP latest source. - added trebuchet and device options to Setting Menu - use Apollo as stock music player and Trebuchet default launcher - support S2E init.d scripts.
  11. Base on source code from Aokp and CM teams. Kernel: base on ZTE 2.6.35 source source : https://github.com/b...-kernel-msm7x27 ,branch bk2 features: 2way call-recording, Overclock, AXI speedup to 200mhz, CIFS, TUN, ZRAM compcache, KSM, DM-cache enable. default governor : lagfree default scheduler : sio A2SD : open with S2E , download caches automount with CM7 init.d script SWAP : auto enable with valid Partition layout and swap partition (sdcard layout : FAT-EXT-Swap) KSM : default enable DOWNLOAD : A Stock System Partition of 220MB is needed to install full rom and gapps. GAPPS : https://hotfile.com/...13-mod.zip.html (minimum, and voice search hack ready. NO need to flash anything else check and follow tilal's tutorial : http://www.modaco.co...n-updated-2007/) ROM A full wipe is needed if u upgrade from any cm10 variants other than this kang. [4 Jan 2012] RC 2.4 Full Language download link # 1 : https://hotfile.com/dl/187430091/20ce3db/AOKPCM-10-20130104-blade-Burst-JB-KANG-full.zip.html download link # 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/?dy20dnm7024pc md5 : 8890482bec35e6b637fcafa39dba680d My blade is broken since early Dec, this one likely a final update. I just update the kernel with new usb gadget from Galaxy ACE team (thanks Kostat for the easy cherrypick work) also port back some features with my undergoing galaxy nexus projects. Now I bought Pantech vega-r3 as replacement, this one rocks and sure a S3 killer. Really hope they will release the kernel source. [24 Nov 2012] RC 2.3.4 Full Language download link # 1 : https://hotfile.com/...G-full.zip.html download link # 2 : http://www.mediafire...g1fgazyys9yqc1l md5 : e243c40bf7e7ac05f122cd74cebd842b [9 Nov 2012] RC 2.2 Full Language download link # 1 : https://hotfile.com/...G-full.zip.html download link # 2 : http://www.mediafire...956a2f7a75aqkes md5 : fc9b787d54351a5bb130950094c20396 [7 Nov 2012] RC 2 Full Language download link # 1 : https://hotfile.com/...B-KANG.zip.html download link # 2 : http://www.mediafire...zfgbdvfgme5dfsc md5 : 2a7fe29c9a095ad3ca6adb4feca0adef Note : on S2E apps. do not move data folder from default location, other wise may encouter undesirable experience with Google play Store and Titanium Backup. ************************************************************************************* Credits : CM Commuity Romanbb and AOKP team. Code Aurora Forum tilal6991 and Konstat with their exploring of working Camera Cflags Working : Network Mobile data 2G and 3G WiFi Bluetooth Audio Sensors H/W acceleation (UI) USB Mass Storage WiFi tethering - Third party app needed mode support CAMERA : Camorder and Panorama Mode (partially working only.) Streaming video with browser. Native USB tethering Not Working : FM
  12. noop, what I mean is the core service, which has been there with ics already, but we don't have the corresponding library update for armv6 from QCOM. And this is not likely to be happened.
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