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  1. sandriderman

    Could and should Garmin enter the Smartwatch market?

    I had a garmin Forerunner 210 for about 5 years (Paid £110 from Amazon), loved it. Could operate it with my eyes closed, usually very accurate and quick to get a GPS lock. Probably logged about 7000 miles in all weather. Last year I got a Forerunner 410 (paid around £160 from Amazon), I needed a watch with a heart rate monitor and its not a bad bit of kit. I find the touch screen a bit hit and miss some times (particularly in the rain). The heart rate strap became faulty but Garmin replaced it so pleased with that. If the price was right I would consider a Garmin smart watch (less than £200).
  2. sandriderman

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Gps status & toolbox
  3. sandriderman

    MIUI Rom

    Sorry, only got 1 sim card to try Didn't really try it for long enough to comment on battery. Must have been a bad night when I downloaded it.
  4. sandriderman

    MIUI Rom

    Sent PM. Any one advise where the best place to upload might be? Cheers
  5. sandriderman

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    Having tried many things I was able to get the GPS locking on fairly quickly with GPS Monitor as previously mentioned. The problem I was then having was poor accuracy. When ever I would go past a junction it would get confused or if a road was running parallel with another road it would but me on the wrong one and do lots of re-routing. A few days ago I took GPS Monitor off and tried GPS Status. This was no better, I then tried changing the "Sensor Filtering". Strong was very poor but I set it to weak today and had great results. Its too soon to say if this will help in the long term and I will keep trying it but I was able to drive 10 miles through the middle of Doncaster without a single problem (using copilot).
  6. sandriderman

    MIUI Rom

    Thought I would give this a quick go, took about 4 hours to download. I have never used a MIUI rom before, installed using CMW as usual without problem, pleased to see an English Language option on setup. Some Chinese apps remained. Everything seamed to work well and nice and smooth. Can confirm compass dead as usual. Comes with play store which works when I logged in and Gmail worked. I think I could use this rom on my phone, it seamed stable. But will stick with what I am use to for now. Wifi ok, 3g ok. Did not test much else. Some screen shots:
  7. sandriderman

    Battery life

    Battery life is great, best I've ever had with a smartphone
  8. sandriderman

    Lewa OS Rom

    Install CMW following the guide and flash the rom as usual having backed up and wiped. Don't know about dual sim. Problem is you will not get the Google market working (if you do please let us know).
  9. sandriderman

    Lewa OS Rom

    I can not get the play store to work. Tried several versions of the apk. Although it loads up and I sign in ok, it just says no connection with a retry button which I have hit many times. Bluetooth works, I get good mobile network connection (always have had tbh). GPS not great, not tried any tweaks at all, might be slightly better than the other roms I have tried but hard to tell.
  10. sandriderman

    Lewa OS Rom

    I installed this ROM, can not get the play store working (tried different GAPPS but don't really know what I am doing). Can confirm compass not working. Some screen shots:
  11. sandriderman

    [ROM] Vowney v5 Custom ROM - updated 04/07/2013

    The compass is not working with this Rom. For me this is not too much of an issue.
  12. sandriderman

    GPS Lock Issue. Try This.

    I have the same build number as the "None Working Compass" above and mine also does not work. So, I tried restoring my rom back to its state before I ran the "Mobile Assistant" upgrade (which I did not think actualy worked) using CWM and this put me back to ALPS.JB2.MP.V1.2. Can confirm the compass does not work. The compass app says "MAGNETIC Senor error, No magnetic missing or it is out of order". (Smart Compass (ver1.5.1)).
  13. sandriderman

    Compass not working at all

    Just tried my compass on the Vowney and my Sony Xperia Arc using the same app. The Vowney does not move. It goes mad on the Sony (not acurate at all but at least its moving). Im also still using original merimobiles rooted rom, but have installed tillaz cwm.
  14. sandriderman

    Vowney / Verne V5

    Sent a pm with link to file. Cheers
  15. sandriderman

    Vowney / Verne V5

    I clicked to run the update, the phone rebooted, the android robot with the spinning shape came up and then it loaded CWM and gave me errors: CMW-based Recovery v6.0.3.0 Finding update package… Opening update package… Verifying update package… Installing update… Assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) ==”bird89_wet_c_jb2” || getprop(“ro.build.product”) == “bird89_wet_c_jb2” E:Error in /sdcard/walking/20130703103514754.zip (status 7) Installation aborted.

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