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  1. Had some problems on my PAP5000T and managed to update using this ROM and latest custom ROM, so it should work without problems, only Lava branding. :)
  2. Thanks a lot for Lava 501 update and new custom ROM. Managed to flash all with flash tool and update zip from CWM, all working on PAP5000T .:) Lifesaver, but currently on Lava branding. :) PAP5000 full ROM dump would be appreciated.
  3. MTK6577 repartitioning tool messed up my system partition and after that I saw that CWM backup didn't backup almost anything. :( Is there a system.img dump for PAP5000T (it can user LAVA 501 dump?) It is urgent!!! :( Thanks
  4. Sorry for not responding earlier (all up in ICS testing... :P ) For gallery you can use - Ultra Gallery (modern fast look) and for video - Video Player (android code monkey) with ICS look, for iPhoneish look - HD Video player (turlerun) For other formats (AVI, DIVX,...) take your pick from the market (personally MX, Mobo and QQPlayer always were OK on Pulse)...
  5. Well... Just a quick insight to the progress, I have managed to put up 2 versions: 1) CM9 Pulse based ROM+additions to build.prop+init.d tweaks mixed with some Hero framework+qualcomm libs (generic) with changed rild for data (still testing) results: less gsm connection disruptions (one every 30-60 minutes, only on very low level tower signal, will try tweaking+build,prop), faster response, min CPU speed needed 645 Mhz+64 Mb swap, additional menu items in Settings (direct Hero FW) *good thing that in some bootanimation works correctly (HWA) but starting is significantly slower and the problem is that adb connection is not functional every time (more often no) so cannot live check the logs.-Will additionally check downsized to 100 Mb /system to avoid using /sd-ext for system apps+downscaled bootanimation.zip under 900 Kb SU *root* support (almost, still finishing) :wub: - following A2SD testing after implementation Wifi behaving strangely (on base CM9 port and others) 2) ParanoidAndroid based ROM (HTC Hero)+init.d tweaks+build.prop edits Downsized to 100 Mb /system with basic GAPPS package Downsized bootanimation.zip to 800 Kb Still at boot screen, have to check what is holding the booting down (will not properly at regular speed initiate dalvik-cache Still have to find out is the problem related to FW, libs or other... Good things: HWA will be tested thoroughly-if HTC Hero gets HWA earlier it will be easier to implement due to similarity of 2 ours device and Hero Speed of the ROM (CM9 based) has been significantly upscaled, will try checking this part more (almost CM7 based roms identical) Trying GPS combinations (/system/lib/hw) After modifing base ICS ROM and setting up HWA, BT, GPS and Camera all ICS ports will be easier... ;) Bad things: First of all... I will surely have to "open" kernel for additional tweaking - will post results after decompiling - if anyone interested in working together please do... GPS, data issue, BT - have to check is it library or kernel related issue - currently checking Camera non functional - problem??? Will check after finishing upper checking
  6. Well... If anyone interested, I'll try to start this momentum again. ICS Data, constant GSM without disruptions and HWA - I'll try to "use" some HTC Hero magic (almost same devices)... If successful will post results... :)
  7. Sorry, not a big iPhone fan... If there are interested users I could sum up a more iPhoenish update for flashing which will remove some more Android like apps and add exDialer as default dialer (JoyOS dialer not ready yet) and change framework to more iPhone colors. I will see if there is enough interested users and add that update, please reply.
  8. Well... twrock, I noticed the part "I know I can modify the MediaTek roms, so that is a real bonus." ;) I would be interested in purchasing some MTK6577 or 6583 (when found) models so ROM porting and changing really looks tempting, but hadn't any contact with china based ROMs. Those are also in IMG format and flashable like for china tablets (flashing tool)? IMGs can be extracted and repacked again without any problems? :huh:
  9. Thank you for posting your testing results. In the first few minutes swap is still in "startup" so when the it is filled with several apps everything should then work almost flawlessly. All A2SD options should work (DT, M2SD, amarulz not tested). Battery life could be prolonged, use min 245 Mhz and max no more than 691 Mhz (710 Mhz and up dramatically increases battery consumation, tested on 729 Mhz and uses extremely battery). Calls could be related to Swap swappiness, use 40 or larger and a task manager to clear background apps. I am currently a day and 12 hours active on same battery charge (used with WiFi on 1 hour and screen on for 1h 45 min). ;)
  10. Thanks for testing, dialer and contacts currently in porting, you can try exDialer (will be included, system partition is 100 MB so it will be included in /data/app partition in rom update). Gallery will also be replaced, currently in testing: quickpic (previous /system/app problems), ultra gallery (most iphone like) and mediagrid (simple and fast gallery, basic). File manager will be (although not iphone like, but packed with features) X-plore file manager. ^_^
  11. Thanks for the feedback, currently I am trying to port also JoyOS contacts and phone (currently FC'ing).
  12. Easy, just enter recovery (from android reboot->key combination power+menu+call end button) Choose Install zip from sd card->file name of the boot zip. Thats it. ^_^
  13. Thanks for the insight and quick guide. Swap should be used already (setup through build.prop, quick reminder I must check the swap partition on /dev) on this ROM.
  14. WiFi Issues resolved!!! New flashable BOOT.IMG from Destructor is attached in the first post, please check and verify. :o
  15. A flashable BOOT.IMG uploaded, all WiFi related works. I will post the same to the 1.2.2 thread as it resolves the same problem. :)
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