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  1. Is that widget there even with an other launcher? or is the statusbar part of the launcherapps?
  2. Your language is selected automaticilly whit the first sim you have put in (first start after flashing new rom) ... That is a feature not a bug ... normally you have a sim in your phone from your own country, not a "holiday"-sim ;) You can also change language in options, so no need for installing directly new :)
  3. I use htc_ime too :D And i imported my settings from my rom before (no japanese) and i have vibration turned off :P Perhaps you should look under "Sound & Vibrations" in htc_ime-settings @elastico: I have flashed RLS7 since 1pm and i wrote since that about 20-30 sms B)
  4. Why isn´t there a "AppWidgetPicker.apk" in system/app ? (RLS7) Because i want to install that: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=780828
  5. The Ph 00 screwdriver in my set was the right
  6. I installed the "image"-version (RLS6) on a white tft blade from uk :D And the green text was shown :P I just wanna say this for your info
  7. Thx for that ... Didn´t read the article carefully enough :D So i will try to implement such a function in java :P Really really thanks for such a fast help B)
  8. I hope its okay to copy your algorithm to my own litte program? (first its only for me, for learning java :D) And please help a noob like me ... I check the input for containing only digits and also having a length of 15, did i forgot something to check? Because in my program its possible to enter for example 222222222222222 as a "valid" imei ... but onlinegenerators throw me a "not valid imei" ... So how is a valid format for imei defined? :P
  9. Search Pauls thread ... I have the same problem ... It would be nice to use other ringtones/alarms etc. without having to install an extra app :D But until its implemented, we can use "Rings extendend" from market :P
  10. Why can´t i pick an other sound than rooster on alarm-app? Which way must the folder on sdcard created? (there is my ringtone-folder from my Magic 32A with Cyanogen ... but here it must renamed?)
  11. Whats wrong? I tried to format my sd (Ext-Partition + 0MB Swap) ... Why "sdparted not found"? Should i flash a newer Clockwork? ^^ //EDIT: Flashed new clockwork ( ... Everything fine :unsure: Now its ok ....
  12. AGPS cannot be used without GPS? When i deactivate GPS, the option for enable/disable AGPS isn´t touchable any more
  13. Even i don´t "like" apple devices ... In case of selling it in a few years i would choose apple :unsure: Look the prices of the really old macbooks or ipods on ebay ...
  14. You can compare with that: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/318...s-here/page/60/ ... Which device do you have exactly? Which ROM?
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