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  1. There is one person who had installed a cynagen or miui rom version on google nexus one and it has the fm tuner application?
  2. A question because I'm new to this... Everytime an update will be listed I have to reinstall the whole system? Moving from original rom to this version from this topic I had to wipe everything...updating this version I will have to wipe again my data? Or, only changing the rom version it is necessary to wipe data? Thank you.
  3. CODR3SH


    Funny app...thanks for this...
  4. This remembers me about all the sites that uses java snow on their pages ( hate that ) ;) I will try this on the phone to see how it's looking.
  5. Hi, I really don't understand why the hardware support the fm tuner but there is no app. The fm tuner from desire will be great to be implemented on Nexus One.
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