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  1. I thoght some of you might be interested to see this little gem. It's the world's smallest device capable of running Android (ICS) or Linux (Ubuntu 12.04). I've got a pocket pico projector with an HDMI input and a USB battery pack which should work well with this. It's going to be this year's birthday present to myself! :D :D :D Cotton Candy Technical Specifications http://www.fxitech.com/products/ http://blog.laptopma...-cream-sandwich http://www.engadget....y-at-mwc-video/
  2. There are a number of options for the size and type of virtual disk to use in VirtualBox. You might want to start with a dynamically assigned hd to get your environment set up; this will give you a small .vdi to be used as a primary backup (even smaller if you zip it). When you want to start compiling you can expand the hd and turn it into a fixed size hd. Another strategy might be to have your home directory (where you should do all your work) as a fixed hd and the rest as a dynamically assigned hd, and back them up separately. You can expand and contract VirtualBox .vdi files as required, and change their type. VBoxManage clonehd [ old-fixed-VDI ] [ new-dynamic-VDI ] --variant Standard VBoxManage clonehd [ old-dynamic-VDI ] [ new-fixed-VDI ] --variant Fixed See here for more info:- http://brainwreckedt...-in-virtualbox/ http://www.webupd8.o...ox-40-hard.html http://expertester.w...isk-image-file/ http://scottlinux.co...-hard-disk-vdi/ To set up your home directory on a second hd, see here:- https://help.ubuntu....ing/Home/Moving Whichever strategy you decide to adopt, don't forget to take a snapshot before starting a compile so that you can easily roll back if/when something goes wrong!
  3. So do I. If there are any more lurkers like me out there; this is what "lunch" means in this context:- http://vladnevzorov....-build-options/ http://source.androi...e/building.html And if you want to start from scratch, this is a useful introduction to creating a development environment:- http://vladnevzorov.com/2011/01/08/dev-environment-for-contributing-to-android-os-code/
  4. You may also enjoy this page:- https://lwn.net/Articles/480304/ Here are a couple of snippets.
  5. New Linux 3.3 kernel released yesterday begins the process of merging Linux and Android Greg Kroah-Hartman, a longtime kernel developer and new Linux Foundation fellow, said to expect Android kernel components in Linux 3.3 on Google+ at the same time. And in a February interview with Muktware, he said, "The 3.3 kernel release will let you boot an Android userspace with no modifications, but not very good power management. The 3.4 kernel release will hopefully have the power management hooks that Android needs in it, along with a few other minor missing infrastructure pieces that didn't make it into the 3.3 kernel release." http://news.cnet.com...gether-at-last/
  6. You can also use the flash_image utility (bottom of the first post) :- http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=902493 I use it to jump back and forth between VegaICS and Ubuntu (installed on SD card). Flash linux-kern.img to boot sector from android terminal Flash VegaICS boot.img to boot sector from linux terminal
  7. Hello to all, I don't know if you're aware of this, but there is now a very nice beta version of Ice Cream Sandwich available for the Vega. Some of us would really love a Vega that could dual-boot Ubuntu and ICS, so I tried out the instructions in this thread and it works well using the image in the first post. We could really use some skilled help in updating this image, or preferably creating a new one. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is due for release next month. We also really need a multi-boot bootloader, at the present moving from android to linux and back again is a little clunky. There is an open-source bootloader, called U-Boot, that has been ported to Tegra2 devices and we need volunteers to help with that. As I mainly use Tabletroms these days (although MoDaCo will always be my first love) I have started a new thread there that you may like to visit. http://www.tabletrom...rsion-vega.html http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Das_U-Boot http://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot/
  8. xathras

    VegaICS Alpha3

    This is the right direction ----> http://forum.xda-dev...=717437&page=26 also here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vs4FXheH9uo and here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAtIfW081Jc&feature=related
  9. Advent had nothing to do with the design of the Vega; they bought it off-the-shelf. The P10AN01 tablets are OEM devices designed way back when by Shuttle to run Android 2.2, and 512MB is quite sufficient for that.
  10. “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” ― Leonardo da Vinci
  11. You can use any of the file managers that allow you to mount /system/app as r/w, and then delete. However, you might find some of your other apps have hidden dependencies on something that you have deleted. My advice would be to simply rename them (i.e. rename xxxx.apk to xxxx.apk.old) or move them to another partition, so that you can replace them if necessary. You won't gain much space by doing this, but you will lose the icons, if that's what is annoying you.
  12. xathras

    vega sound

    Indeed they do. I can't be bothered with 2 volume controls so I leave cranked mine up to the max. and use the Vega's volume control. You can get away with this on these speakers because they use a PWM (pulse width modulation) or Class-D amplifier which has negligible distortion even at max. volume. This is also the reason why they last so long before you have to recharge them. http://en.wikipedia....igital_amplifie
  13. xathras

    vega sound

    If you search the forum for threads on Vega sound/replacing blown speakers you will sooner or later come across a picture of the Vega's speakers. There is no way that these speakers can produce either a decent volume or quality. You can improve things a little by using a music player like PowerAmp (I think it has a free trial period) that has an Equalizer with a Gain control. However, pushing the gain up will quickly produce clipping. Ian Turner is right; use external speakers (or good quality earphones). I use a pair of X-Mini II self-powered collapsible speakers with an audio splitter cable which give a surprisingly good bass response for their size.
  14. I also use Root Explorer to mount system as r/w but it isn't free. A free alternative is to install Busybox and then use a terminal to do a sudo mount.
  15. Find it here - http://www.tabletrom...17-vegaics.html
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