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  1. Problem contiunes even after full charge, very strange. Also noticed that I have lost Bluetooth! Won't turn on. May have been that when switching on device yesterday my finger was on the volum up button. Next thing I am in a DOS screen that would not stop so did a hard reset. Lost bluetooth. Any ideas? Going back to shop anyhow. Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi, I read that the N700 will show up as a drive when I connect it to the computer. Mine doesn't (Win7). Have I misread? At the moment I am hotswapping (unmount) the SD and its a bit of a pain in the arse really. Thanks, Steve
  3. Battery was at 86% when I tried. I guess I never gave it a full 100% charge. Will try tonight and get back with info. Thanks, Steve
  4. Hi, One day old N700 user. When unit is powered off it won't turn on again (hold power button 1-2 secs). It WILL turn on if I plug in the USB, wait for charge indicator and then try power button. Just me? Cheers, Steve (new driod user, ireland)
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