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  1. If you've not modified it in any way I'd think it was a hardware fault. Depending on where you got it and how firm you are with them they should give you a replacement the same day (if it's an Orange shop or Argos). I'd be happier taking it back instead of unlocking it and flashing a new ROM as they'd then have a reason to try and refuse to replace it.
  2. Have you upgraded to Gen2? CM7 only works with updated devices now. For ease I'd probably go the TPT method for updating. This will upgrade your device to Gen2 and install CM7 in one easy step.
  3. Boot into clockwork - go to advanced (I think) and do a 'Wipe Battery Stats' and reboot. Should fix your problem if it's a calibration issue.
  4. Agreed, TPT update to Gen2 is completely painless. Just extract a bunch of files onto your SD card, reboot holding a couple of buttons and it's done ;)
  5. No need to post in multiple places - as I said in response to your question in the main forum:
  6. Its not possible at this time, if you want to use the radio install one of the Froyo ROMs. The best ROM is up to your personal preference, but most newer ones are Gen II. Upgrade process isn't that hard with the TPT method. Try some out, and stick with the one that suits you best.
  7. Opening the .zip file of the ROM you want to customise, navigating to /system/app and pasting the .apk file in there will do it. I've been using this method for years to have my own apps installed from first boot.
  8. The screen's great in my humble opinion. It comes with a default 'density' of 240, but I tend to lower this to 180 in order to get more 'stuff' on the screen. Can get 7x7 icons on the homescreen quite happily and can see 10 emails when I open Gmail without squinting my eyes, or getting any weird text pixellation. There are tablets out there with 480x800 screens, and the first EEEPc came with a 7" screen with the same resolution so i wouldn't worry too much about it. Supplementary answer: Probably not unless you stick to the stock ROM, but you can overclock the blade to around 670-710Mhz if you feel it's too slow for some added snappiness. The only area where you may get angry is the Blade's tendancy to switch off Wifi when asleep. I believe there are some workarounds for this (I rarely use Wifi so can't help much!) but if the Skate has solved this problem natively you may be better off with that.
  9. On my first Blade I had an issue that I'd only get signal (on any network, tried with Orange, O2 and Three) in areas of really high signal strength - and even then I'd struggle to get one bar. Turns out it was a hardware fault - I think the antenna for the phone radio hadn't been attached properly. In the worst case take it back and get em to replace it :D
  10. Unlocked means exactly that - you can use any SIM in it including an orange one. By default the phones come locked to orange, but unlocking it via a code or installing a custom ROM that doesn't check if it's 'allowed' to use any SIM card in it will allow you to put what you like in it - although you may have to input APN settings for internet if you're on an obscure carrier.
  11. Don't know of one for the UK I'm afraid, but as for... If you're on CM7, or some of the Froyos you can go to "Settings -> Call settings -> Blacklist" Anyone in this list will be passed straight to answerphone without ringing the phone.
  12. Problem is one of space I think. Constantly recording and deleting videos is a chore. The off-the-shelf dash cameras used for this are constantly recording, but only saving the last couple of minutes in a loop. When you have an accident you hit a button on them and they save whatever's in this buffer to SD or similar. If you don't have an accident you don't have any video saved.
  13. Doing a restore will restore it to the point of the backup you took - you'll be back to your previous Rom if you updated after this point.
  14. 1. I don't know - need more information. How are you installing it? ROM manager, Fastboot, flash_image (via adb or shell)? 2. Don't press the menu key, press the home key to select items.
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