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  1. Also installed it on my Nexus 4 with stock rom and almost stock (color fixes only) kernel
  2. I agree, For now in my book - my Blade is a non-bluetooth device. I hope that some day it will work again :)
  3. great update, KonstaT! thank you for your hard work. What could man possibly want. I was satisfied with the previous ones and now it just got better...
  4. I am definitely buying it. I guess my Blade has come to a time that will need to retire before it dies (poor key responsiveness, camera, lack of hw support in newer android versions). Pros: - Price - Genuine Android (hell yeah) - Screen resolution Cons: - Screen size (it would be shocking after I switch from the 3.2" Blade :) )
  5. Well guys, Google has answered your questions themselves:
  6. So where can an International customer get the nexus from? The official site does not support my country (Bulgaria) :(
  7. Will wait for a smaller phone. 4.7 inch is too big for a phone screen.
  8. Yes, after lots of tries this one worked for me and it supports ext in the non-paid version: http://download.cnet.com/MiniTool-Partition-Wizard-Home-Edition/3000-2094_4-10962200.html
  9. I have an HTC Diamond which has 4GB internal memory which is actually an SD card soldered to the motherboard. So it is not impossible to have an SD card in other devices
  10. Well I am currently using a Blade that has 160MB internal storage and a 4G SD card that has more than 1G free on it. Why would people complain about the storage. It is more than enough to have 8 or 16GB. Unless you want to copy all your music and movie collection to your phone???
  11. Battery drainage should be caused by an app you have installed. When in the morning I turn on my blade I can see that it has lost 10-15-20% of the battery for the whole night with WiFi, sync and viber on
  12. Installed the new build. My camera still freezes 2 seconds after it is started. Anyone has a solution for this? I have the OLED Gen1 Blade
  13. What a great ROM. Love it so far. Works so smoothly. Thank you guys.
  14. Am I the only one whos camera is freesing in 2 seconds after the app opens?
  15. I also have moved everything to SD card. It was inevitable. The Davlik Cache is big and I constantly was getting low disk space waring. I do not have that many apps, but once moving the davlik warning disappeared
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