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  1. How do I get rid of the Slimbean branding on the lockscreen? I'm using Trebuchet to get as close to stock as possible but the ringlock has a logo in it. Great ROM otherwise.
  2. sorry if this has been asked before, but is not being able to save or erase slider shortcuts a known issue?
  3. assuming it's just a zip, you can just flash it via CWM. But you have to do a full wipe & install it before you install the ROM
  4. Will flashing the cexstel kernel over this affect mpdecision in any way?
  5. Ah I guess it's just me then :D I used the gapps in the first post, tried fresh install twice and still had issues w/ Home button & touchscreen (I misspoke: they weren't dead zones, just onscreen buttons that didn't work for some reason.) I've gone back to Kra1os' ROM because for me it's still the smoothest overall, but keep up the good work.
  6. My Home button isn't working with this ROM and there are some issues swiping to get to the Notification Power Controls. There seems to be some dead zones on my touch screen. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?
  7. Could you reupload the cm7 stock launcher onto mediafire as well? That also links to iLivid. Thanks!
  8. I don't use this phone/ROM anymore but I had trouble when "Keep Wifi on during sleep" was Disabled. Sometimes it just couldn't reconnect and I would have to reboot, so keep that option turned on.
  9. Is there any fix for live streaming video? (Like with the BBC News app or TVCatchup)
  10. Mine cleared up a few days ago. Are you sure you've updated to the latest Play Services?
  11. Yep, I think a lot of people are getting it. We have to wait for Google to fix it.
  12. Maybe we could put "Streaming Video Not Working" and "YouTube issues" under Issues/Problems in first post? Others might need the heads up and it might take a while to get them properly fixed.
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