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  1. @mauGT, Same for me. Even I was trying App2SD. It did install but almost all my apps including the default apps, Google Apps, etc were gone and the phone memory still showed the same as earlier. Only I could see in the App Drawer was Contacts, Messaging and Settings. Even a Hard Reset couldn't solve it. Then I tried KDZ method and initially all went fine, but my phone did turn off on its own and now it won't even start. :) BTW, I'm going to the LG Service Center and just trying out my luck.
  2. I think it's time for you to visit LG Customer Service Center. I had the same problem. But I thought let the experts handle it instead of I messing it up. :P :P ;)
  3. I need some help. I recently had to format my SD card. But unknowingly the DB file of the dictionary was also removed. Now when I open dictionary it asks for the DB file. I searched the whole internet for Diodict Oxford dictionary, but it costs a price $$$. Can anyone please upload that DB file to any file sharing website, I like that dictionary too much! ;) :P
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