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  1. Well, I tried 2 roms based on the comments.. Eco CM7, and daemond's CM10. gapps and no more than 2-3 extra apps. While CM10 seems usable, it took a while to launch stuff, and continued to do so even after an app had already been launched, which worried me on what will happen after days of usage and many more apps loaded. On CM7, the phone really flies. No time needed to settle things after booting, nothing. You hit the dialer, dialer comes up instantly. web browser; bam. Really you just can't beat that. That's how a phone should work. I'm happy. I've dressed it up a bit with some a couple of fancy widgets and must have apps and it's off my hands now. Farewell old friend. Thank you all for the suggestions!
  2. So here's the deal, I'm gonna give the phone to my sister. This means that after handing it over I can't go messing with it. So what I need is a stable/reliable/usable rom, meaning no lost phone calls, reboots or whatever +not a rom that drains the battery. Right now I have a cm10.1 because I just like to try the latest, but frankly it just doesn't work. There's times that someone called me and couldn't answer because of the lag. If that happens to her she'll just return and be done with it. She is coming from a dumb phone. She'll be happy just to have a browser. What do you suggest? Please provide a link if possible. Thanks in advance
  3. Is there no google now or did i managed that on my own? Also where do i activate the soft keys? Huge thanks KonstaT!
  4. I'm currently on the 27/7 version (1st one I installed) and it seems that after X days (random i guess) I cannot turn data back on. I mean I turn it on either from a widget, through the bar, settings, whatever but I can't connect. And then rebooting is the only option to get it back working. Anyone else having this? I'm gonna upgrade to 21/8 though so hopefuly it goes away.
  5. Installed ahb overclocked, then softbank kernel and went from 11 to 9 fps :/ What am I doing wrong?
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