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  1. Len Ash

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Hi - any news on the FM Radio "quality" yet? Cheers.
  2. Len Ash

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Thanks Paul - 1 issue down, one radio to go!
  3. Len Ash

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Two questions if you don't mind? Firstly, a readily visible notification LED is important to me. My ex-One-S had a very small LED mostly hidden by the earpiece grille and was next to useless unless the phone was picked up and I looked carefully and directly in to the earpiece grille. Which was "not convenient". How is the notification LED on the ONE, and can it be seen in normal ambient light from a reasonable angle? (I don't care about the colour!). Secondly and mostly due to the lack of good cell network coverage on my cycling route, I need a decent FM Radio, Not Tunein or the like. Again, the FM Radio on the One S is very insensitive and struggled to receive even relatively strong stations to the point of having to carry a separate radio as well as the phone.I tried various earphones (for aerial purposes) without much difference. So - how "good" is the FM Radio in terms of reception in a variety of locations? Cheers
  4. Good grief.... never expected folk to still be on this these days! I noted just before MU went down that 11000 ROMs were downloaded.....
  5. It's useless by virtue of the brightness level being too dim for each lux value. As a suggestion then, could you increase the values in arrays.xml for a given lux? Cheers.

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