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  1. hello, long time since flashing a rom on the zte blade, so any advice would be helpful, currently got cm7 nightly 110 on a gen 1 phone that has been tpted to gen 2 with wbaw files last year, so for this rom, do i just tpt the gen1 to gen2 v10 stock with 200mb layout, then boot into clockwork and install gapps + this rom like usual? now using original gen 1phone, converted to gen 2, so dont know if have to go back to gen 1 first or just tpt over the current?
  2. Fou-lu

    New Market!

    Getting some random languages in apps descriptions and reviews are outdated in the wrong order, anyone else seen that?
  3. Nice, USB tethering finally working good :)
  4. Irony is they sued Samsung for "copying" and now they copy something off touchwiz and the android notification, even the three lines were you drag it up lol
  5. Some people reported the exact same bugs as CM, no radio, charging reboot bug, in comments one guy wrote "theme Chooser" was added or removed from final build. that's CM7 only compatible.
  6. meh, radio is so 90's :D Isn't there radio streaming apps?
  7. for theme chooser you can install it with root explorer by setting permissions to match the other apps in system/app, then reboot. just copy "theme manager.apk" and "theme chooser.apk" go to system/app then press "R/O" on top right of screen, then paste them there. now hold your finger down on one and "tap" permissions then set them like this: now reboot :D
  8. How to install theme chooser? i got it form N72 nightly but won't install, copying it to system/app and rebooting also failed.
  9. Naked had spare parts +, blade wifi fix, s2e, blade buddy, and volume +. Nice and stable :D no theme Chooser and no idea how to install it any help on that would be much appreciated :D
  10. it's says compiled from scratch in the description, no credit to CM team....
  11. yay, HTC ChaCha finally released! Facebook phone with the most important feature ever, a Facebook button! http://tinyurl.com/3qrm2hd Only £249 too, for that beauty? better be quick before they sell out!
  12. accelerometer was fixed on N72 ;O
  13. Even FPSE runs fine on the blade, full speed without sound, so these emu's are perfect except for.minor sound stutter in some games, game play flawless on snes/gba emus, nes/gbc? what emu's you try :D

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