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  1. This is a tool,help you change the logo on G300 you need: 1. install ADB drivers from the ISO mounted on the phone, enable USB debugging and then connect USB cable - make sure adb works. 2. prepare a 480*800 jpg picture 3. make sure you phone is root(will push files to /data) 3. run tool “changelogo.exe" 4. select picture 5. wait tool change logo 06/07 i test in Miuiv4,it's work fine.[ HUAWEI U8800/C8812/U8818] 09/07 update: works on any ROM,i test it on offical ICS ROM http://sourceforge.net/projects/genoandroid/files/changelogo-EN-0709.exe/download
  2. Instructions: ROM Base on offical ICS 4.0 All work good This ROM is compatible with both the U8815 and U8818 models. INSTALL OFFICAL ICS & UNLOCK PHONE backup your Imei let you can downgrade to offical gingerbread (http://www.modaco.co...m-now-possible/) Your must upgrade to offical ICS Download the official download from the Huawei site ( http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDE4NjY= ) Unzip the file and copy the dload folder and (optional) vendor folder on to your SD card. Go to Settings > Storage > Software upgrade to start the ICS upgrade - make sure you have enough battery before going any further! (Optional )Flash the vendor package from the official download from the Huawei site - (this is optional but I didn't do it and my ICS works great) Boot in to freshly installed ICS, install ADB drivers from the ISO mounted on the phone, enable USB debugging and then connect USB cable - make sure adb works. Download Attached Files 'unlockbootloader.exe' Ran 'unlockbootloader.exe' and clicked 'ROOT Your Phone'. Ran 'unlockbootloader.exe' and clicked 'Unlock BOOTLOADER' - app closed on completion. Power off your phone, remove battery for a few seconds and replace, then power on whilst holding vol. down and power to go in to fastboot - the phone will hang on the splash screen whilst in fastboot. Then go to this thread ( http://www.modaco.co...15ascend-g-300/ ) and follow the instructions to install clockworkmod recovery. INSTALL [*]Grab the ROM and stick them on your SD. [*]Boot in to Recovery by turning the phone off, and turning it on while holding the volume up key (not volume down like a lot of phones, volume down takes you to the bootloader). [*]'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' [*]NB: I advise you reboot recovery here, CWM seems a bit broken with flashes after wipes, it seems. [*]'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> ROM [*]'Reboot System Now' [*]Give it time - first boot takes longer than usual. [*]Run through the first time setup, language, date/time, Google account etc. [*]Have fun! Downloads: http://sourceforge.n....0.zip/download HUAWEI APP maybe some body need the huawei app,this can work on Miuiv4 unlockbootloader.exe
  3. I have successfully compiled the kernel for blade, and work fine in the official version of the leak. 1.for official version of the leak. 2.i just found the proximy sensor can't work http://www.mediafire.com/?ou3q4sxa36o7f5x
  4. Perhaps the official-partition.zip really wrong, I will test that i upload a partition file,you could replace the partition file to official-partition.zip,then flash three times. partition.zip
  5. 1、simplistian provide me a U8800H partition table, I confirm it works for U8800H;It works fine for simplistian。 2、original sizes 600mb data + 2GB Internal SD 3、yes,must flash twice!
  6. Data storage space is always a problem for Android, which is why there are a lot of app2ext and data2ext solutions. There is app2sd function build-in in Froyo (there are a lot of problems), but those methods are not as good as expanding the data storage space directly. Instructions: 1. Backup your Internal 2G Storage, doing this will erase the internal 2G data. 2. Download the attached partition.zip to EXTERNAL SDcard, make sure there are enough space in EXTERNAL SDcard (depends on your data partition size, around 600MB is enough). 3. Disable APP2SD, DATA2EXT, SWAP.(if have) 4. Boot into recovery, do not clear/wipe, flash this package directly, same as flashing a ROM. 5. After flashing go to advanced options, choose to reboot to recovery. 6. Go into recovery again, do not clear/wipe, flash this package again directly, same as flashing a ROM. 7. Reboot device. Done. All data will be kept, no data lose, all remains the same as before, but the storage space has been changed. Characteristics: 1. Data storage space expanded to 1.2G, internal storage space squeezed to 1.46G (you can use custpartition.bat custom your size). 2. Data storage space is expanded permanently, no matter what ROM you are going to flash, including official ROM! 3. No side-effects, very safe. How It Works: Changed the Huawei internal 4G ROM partition solution, squeezed 2G space to 1.46G, leftovers are given to data storage. This is cooperation work with 凡人 from 5irom, thanks for his bravery to test it out, otherwise I will not take this step ahead, you know it is money, bricking is scaring! thanks simplistian provide me a U8800H partition table,and translate! This is not a ROM, this is an upgrade package, you can treat it as a simple partition solution. 1.2G DATA + 1.46G INTERNAL SD upgrade package: http://www.mediafire.com/?dyz4uqz5a30cypy return-to-stock partition solution upgrade package: http://www.mediafire.com/?x72e6p4hvo3adhj Custom Partition tool: useage: 1. download this tool and unzip to any directory 2. run custpartition.bat, follow the prompts to enter the number 3. and custpartition.bat positions will generate the partition file 4. replace the same file in the package 5. flash the zip pack, OK! http://www.mediafire.com/?m1nqg1y4gp5szp5 To Those Who Upgraded to V6 Before: you can reflash same ROM,replace recovery, then install this upgrade package.
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