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  1. I am a big fan of "The Quest". 3D, but an RPG rather than an action game. I think this game play is better suited to a mobile.
  2. I see there is a new ROM for the Touch Pro on the HTC site Has anyone tried it? It only mentions fixes to a few issues, which I have not seen. I wondered if it maybe fixed anything else. Like the music player for example. http://www.htc.com/www/SupportDownloadList...ct=sd&cat=2
  3. Size has been a crtical issue for me when picking a new phone. My last Windows phone was the C500 which was a great size for functionality at the time. I went from the C500 to a Nokia N95 then to the Touch Pro. When picking my new phone, pockability was a key factor. It is one of the main reasons I was not tempted by an iPhone and why I have not gone for the Omnia. For me, the shape of them is all wrong to fit into a trouser pocket. They are too wide and long. Sure the Touch Pro is quite thick, but thikness is still the smallest dimension. Having said that, if the diamond had a MicroSD slot, I would have been very tempted due to the thinness. BTW, my Touch Pro is almost exactly the same size as my N95, however, the one thing I have noticed is that it is much heavier. I think I know what Paul means about not quite feeling right in the hand, but I do not really agree. I think that is more down to weight rather than size. I am supprised at Paul's comments on speed. I am finding it a bit sluggish at times having just come from a Nokia (not that it has not had software and performance issues). I am about to head off to the xda developers site to try a few of their tweeks to see if that helps things.
  4. If you re-align the screen using the Settings/System/Screen option. The use a pen based application such as one the the built in games or write using the Transcriber. After some minutes, if you have the same problem, the screen will start pickng up the pen in completely the wrong place.
  5. Are you also on T-Mobile or are you getting this issue on another network? Can anyone confirm working ok on T-Mobile on secure sites? Can anyone confirm working on secure sites from any network?
  6. Good Point! I just tried it. Gives the error "The page you are looking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x80072f78."
  7. I have bought Pocket Tunes and I am evaluating over the next few days to decide if I will keep it. So far, it does most of the things I want. The main problem I had was with AAC+ files. It plays them, but at a really bad quality. I have been using them for months on my N95, so I know they are good. You are correct that the dropout problem is still there. I am assuming Windows Mobile does some type of interrupt every few minutes and HTC has attached some code there that takes all the CPU for a fraction of a second. I am now using WMA, meaning I will have to re-encode everything. I am still not completely convinced the sound quality is as good on Pocket Tunes, but that might be my imagination. I will test more closely. Plus sides are fairly easy navigation, but I cannot find a search in Albums. I am also worried on Library performance once I get my 350 albums loaded. Other big plus is gapless playback. It is probably worth the money just for that.
  8. This is really a Touch Pro question, but I am guessing the Diamond is so similar and as there are more Diamond users, there is more chance of an answer. When I installed a T-Mobile SIM into the phone it configured itself fine. The only problem I have is with secure Web Sites. It works fine over WiFi, but if I try to connect to a secure Web Site via T-Mobile internet, Opera just crashes. Has anyone else had this, and if so, did you get it fixed?
  9. It is now a completely differnt phone. Most of the problems were down to the faulty touch screen. The phonebook works much better, still not perfect though. The one thing that is still "pants" is the music player. If you have less than 20 albums, it will work fine, otherwise, it is still virtually impossible to navigate to the album you want. Also, there is little point it doing that as it will not play the songs in the right order anyway. They could improve the music player to a workable state, simply by sorting out the playing order of albums (just needs to read another tag) and allow a quick jump on albums, like the first letter select on the contacts screen.
  10. I am still having problems using my Touch Pro as a music player. I have given up trying to use AAC+ files and am going through my music collection (again) re-encoding as WMA. I have also given up with the Touch Flow music player. It will not play albums in the right order. It is also difficult it get to the album you want. As a result, I have reverted to using the built in Media Player, but I am still getting some problems. The biggest issue is the gap it puts in between tracks. I know many music players put a gap between tracks, but 5-10 seconds (I timed it) seems excessive. Is anyone else getting this? Also I seem to get a dropout (fraction of a second) about once a track. I am open to suggestions. I don’t think it could be the memory card. It is a ScanDisc and I had no problems with it on my old phone. Is there either a fix or a good quality 3rd party player anyone could suggest?
  11. Ever since getting my Touch Pro last week, I have been struggling to get to grips with various aspects of it, but in particular the user interface and the touch screen. It turns out I had a faulty unit. Basically, the touch screen kept going out of alignment and I had to keep running the screen setup utility. I took it back to the shop today. At first they were a little sceptical, apparently the screens either work or not. After initially blaming the screen protector then removing it and playing around with the phone for about 15 minutes they agreed there was a fault and replaced it. The new one works without any problems and I am very impressed with the user interface and TouchFlow which actually works now.
  12. I also bought an RC E100 remote controller. Basically a hands free unit with a 3.5" jack. That solution works fine.
  13. Battery life is ok I suppose. I can just about get a day's use out of it. I think you will get about 3-4 hours actual heave use (internet etc).
  14. I have had my Touch Pro since Wednesday, so I thought it was about time I gave you an update of my option. I have to say that at this point, it is a little mixed. A quick note on my phone history, as anyone’s impressions of a phone are tainted by previous experience. I have always preferred a phone that can be used as a multi-function device, rather than the other way around. I got an original SPV as soon as they were launched. I then upgraded to an SPV C500 as soon as they became available. I kept my C500 for a quite a while as nothing much better came along that I liked. When the Nokia N95 came along, I jumped ship. I am now back in the Windows Mobile fold. I really like for form factor of the phone. I have been put off the iPhone and the Samsung i900 as they are really too wide and long to fit comfortably in my pocket. The controls are well thought out and I like that the power button, when tapped switches the screen off and on. The keyboard is also really good. I have no problem typing on the keyboard. As it is a while since I have had a Windows mobile device, I am struggling a bit to get used to it. I think people who have had the various generations of organiser/phones will not have so much trouble. I have used Touch Flow quite a bit now and I am having some difficulty with it. At this point I am starting to wonder if it is my 8Gb memory card (more on this later) that is causing some problems. I will test over the next few days. The main problem I have with Touch Flow is getting it to do what I want. One good example is the People tab. I have set up a few connects and have tried various gestures to scroll through them. Most of the time it works, but every now and then, it takes my up or down movement as select, or worse, select and dial (lots of frantic cancel call presses). Also scrolling through the tabs it will sometimes lock for a few seconds while it does something, for example on the Weather tab when there is not much signal. My biggest grip at the moment is with the music player. I suspect it works ok if you just want to do random play of all your tracks. Also probably alright if you stick to WMA as you can use the Widows Media Player. While it may suit the iTunes generation, I am old fashioned enough to want to listen to albums. I also like the idea of carrying all my music with me. Ever since getting my Nokia and an 8GB MicroSD card, I have carefully and lovingly transferred all my CDs (around 4,700 songs, possibly around 300 CDs) to AAC+. I have also tagged each song and added Album Art. For those that have not tried it, AAC+ is much better than AAC or even WMA at low bit rates. I get great quality at 40kbs. So when I got my Touch Pro, first thing I did was delete everything on my card and just loaded up my music files (around 6.5Gb) and some photos. Both the Windows Media Player and Touch Flow picked up the songs from the card. Now some of you familiar with such things have probably already worked out the Windows Media Player cannot read the tags from AAC+ files. As a result, I have no artists or albums just 4,700 unknown songs. Touch Flow did rather better and correct organised everything (eventually). This is where the fun really starts. How do I get to listen the album I want? The front screen only shows all tracks (after pausing for about 10 seconds everything you select it) or song in the current album. But if you go into the Library, you can view by artist, album etc. So I go into album and it starts at the top of the list of my approximately 300 albums. What if I want albums beginning with T or W? Option 1, I could “Touch Flow” down the list, but every 10 or so “Flows” it takes the gesture as either select album or sort by something else. Either way, when I go back, it is back to the top of the album list and I have to start again. Option 2, use the direction pad. That does work, but you cannot just hold it down, you have to do a separate press for each album. If you do it too fast it either crashes or gives an error. Then you are usually back to the top again. Option 3, maybe, I thought, you could type the first letter using the keyboard. No. When you open the keyboard, it hides Touch Flow and you cannot get it back until you close the keyboard up again. If I were going to try to design an interface that was intentionally annoying and difficult, I would have come up with something similar. If anyone knows a way I can easily select the AAC+ encoded album I want to listen to, either with the existing software, or a third party product please let me know. I am also struggling at the moment to get WiFi working. Have checked my settings several times and have reset both the router and the phone, but it always fails to connect. Some of the software is great. The Opera Browser is very good, but again it is taking a little while to get used to the right gestures. I also like the Teeter game. I think as I get used to its features I will like it much more, but at the moment I am actually missing my Nokia slightly.
  15. Ok, good, but which folders? Also, how does it build the libraray?
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