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  1. Installed 2.4.4 right over 2.4.3. Only thing extra I did was clear the dalvik cache. Did not do a factory reset and everything is work great! I didnt do the whole "install back to a base product and then upgrade to this step" for 2.4.4, but I did do that from my 2.3 to 2.4.3, so I guess I did all those steps anyways. I have not had any new problems come up at all and its been working great! The only problems I've had (which I'm not going to complain much about since they're more inconveniences than problems): - streak led does not work for some reason. Did all the steps with unchecking options on handcent, but no go. - my battery meter is off... 100% is on for a while, but after 25%, my phone immediately goes straight to 1%. Used the Battery Calibration app, but that didnt help. CRT animation works great.
  2. Installed this just right now over top of the original 2.4 beta 3. didnt even need to wipe the dalvik cache but i did it anyways, and so far so good! Had the exact same swype problem but a little searching and uninstalling fixed it right now. Also confirmed that the portrait lock install used in the previous 2.3 build is still working fine with this build. I have a question though... ever since I started using the gingerbread builds, I have not been able to get streak LED working. I've tried some other LED solutions too but they still need some work. What are you guys using to get notified of your notifications? I'm currently running handcent and just having the screen stay one for a little while....
  3. T H A N K Y O U S I R!!!!! It all worked as you said. Got a little mixed up with the qdttool and streakflash, but its all good now! Thanks a BUNDLE! On a side note, the portrait lock file that worked for ginger streak 2.3b2 also seems to work with this build as well if anyone is trying it!
  4. I've seemed to have run into a problem. Currently my streak is stuck at the dell logo. I've attempted to boot up into fastboot and also to clockwork to try and load the rom, but i cannot access any of these menus. Here's what I did. 1. I downloaded the rom and put it onto my phone. 2. I went into fastboot and loaded the amss and dsp1 files downloaded from the first post on this thread. 3. I did > fastboot reboot (instead of fastboot -i 0x413 reboot) but it went and rebooted. 4. Now, it wont go past the dell logo after a long time. As a side affect, I cannot enter into fastboot either. Holding down the camera key and starting the phone does something, as my screen does not start up at all and there are no lights, but I cannot repower my phone on without pull out the battery, so I believe something is happening. When I reboot holding the volume buttons down, the dell logo still pops up and my phone fails to load into clockwork recovery. I currently am unable to get into a recoverable state. Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated. I was upgrading from fard streak_beta 2.3 r2 with the portrait lock mode. Thanks again.
  5. zero410

    Streakdroid 2.3

    Hey, I too am on Rogers and noticed the tethering option missing. The only work around I got right now is to download another app to run tethering for me, as the functionality is still there, just not accessible the traditional way.
  6. Hi guys, I ran into this problem earlier today, and I felt like it might be useful for others to know how I was able to solve this problem... or at least how one should go about solving this problem. I'm currently running 1.9.1 (which is amazing btw) with the noswype option set and I manually installed the swype beta. Today, I received an email of an update for the beta, and on the description, it tells you to uninstall the old version, and then re-run the installer. Being the noob that I was, I followed the email and uninstalled swype and attempted to run the installer. Thats when problems occurred... The "Talkback" option kept popping up and crashing, and what's worse, was I could not install the new swype with the current installer as downloading it gave me a parsing error. I was unable to change my keyboard to the stock android and the TalkBack program just kept crashing. Lesson learned... is to CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT KEYBOARD TO SOMETHING ELSE FIRST BEFORE UNINSTALLING YOUR OTHER KEYBOARD!!! I had a couple of hoops to jump through to fix this... but essentially, it involved reflashing to 1.9.1 without the "noswype" option, changing the input keyboard back to the default keyboard, then reflash with the "noswype" option set, then look into getting the proper installer installed. (The installer update still did not work. I had to re-download the installer from the website after I regained a keyboard to use). All is good now. I hope this helps someone who comes across this problem as well.
  7. Awesome, I didnt actually see that part... thanks a bunch!
  8. Hi I just encountered a problem with the new build on my phone. I had upgrade fro 1.6.1 straight to 1.9. The issue currently is that the video camera is not working. I can take pictures but as soon as I try to take video, the camera would lock up and force close. Then i would encounter some random reboots on my phone as well, but it wouldnt go through the whole android setup either, it just resets quickly, but again I am unable to shoot video. I've tried clearing the dalvik-cache (from /data) and did a factory reset, but the camera still freezes. Any advice?
  9. Just a thought, but did you happen to update your baseband information too? I recall something about issues with some of the newer builds (steve's builds) and old baseband settings.
  10. Hi, I just noticed this... but is anyone else suddenly getting text messages out of order? It seems to be doing the thing where the received text msg times are 4 or 5 hours behind. This didnt happen before on the previous build....
  11. I'm sorry I feel like a complete noob asking this... but I'm having trouble 'dropping' that file into the /system/xbin. i've saved it onto my sd card, but I cant seem to move it onto the /system/xbin folder as it gives me a 'cross-link' error. I'm trying to use terminal emulator to move it but no such luck. Do i need to unzip the file? or just put the content in there? If I wanted to use terminal emulator to do this, can i? On a side note, I upgrade straight from 1.6.1 with perfmod to 1.9.0 with perfmod and its going super fast! Currently no factory resets needed. I had to reload the widgets on my desktop as they encountered problems (probably do to a screen resizing of some sort) but other than that, its super smooth and great! Quadrant scored around 1900 with setcpu but no over clock. All networks, text msgs and internet is working perfectly. (NOTE: I didnt use any of the volume boost options.) UPDATE: Wait, nevermind, figured out how it actually works now. I was having trouble moving files from the /sdcard (when I should have tried /mnt/sdcard), and trouble mounting the system file (which I had to find out which mount to use first using "cat /proc/mounts"). Moved the unzipped file to the /system/xbin and now the radio is all good!
  12. And also adding to the problem, here's what I also got: 1. Restart streak 2. Turn on bluetooth 3. Turn on streakradio (I get sound here). 4. Turn off bluetooth (radio sound dies). 5. Turn on streakradio (I get sound again). 6. Attempt to turn on bluetooth (bluetooth doesnt turn on, streak radio sound dies). I realize that this can very simply be an incomplete Radio app, and its probably not something to bother the almighty dj steve with... but I'm just curious if others have had this problem and if there could be some easy process of fix it or workaround it without needing to turn on and off the phone every time. Thanks again.
  13. Hi guys, I've been looking online for an answer to my problem here for a while, and I cannot seem to find a lot related to it. I've been using Steve's Roms from 1.5.0 - 1.5.1 - 1.5.3 - 1.6.1. From the 1.5.0 I've had this issue where basically my bluetooth would not turn on after a while. A reboot would fix this as I can turn on my bluetooth afterwards, but once I turn it off and run some apps, it would not turn on again. I've narrowed down the issue to what I think is causing the issue, being the StreakRadio app, as its one of my most used apps every day. Essentially after a reboot, my bluetooth would work, but once I turn on the StreakRadio and then turn it off (and i've tried force stopping it too) my bluetooth would no longer turn on. I get only the msg "Updating bluetooth settings" and after a while, it seems to have stopped trying to turn it on. I've tried running aLogcat to see what could be the issue, but whatever is happening would keep crashing aLogcat... So here's the repro that I got, and Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of issue: 1. Restart the streak. 2. Plug in head phones and run streakradio to a valid station. 3. Turn off streakradio. 4. Try to turn on bluetooth. Results: I get the msg "Updating bluetooth settings" and then nothing. On a side note, I then try to use the streak radio again, and now I dont get sound anymore. Im just curious if others have had this kind of problem? I'm using the streakradio that came with steve's build. Thanks.
  14. zero410

    StreakDroid Release Post

    I completely agree. I'd also like to provide known upgrade paths to other users to know that its possible to just go straight from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1, though its probably assumed to work, i just wanted clearly pointed it out.
  15. zero410

    StreakDroid Release Post

    Hey guys, I had a very pleasant experience upgrading to this. Upgrade from 1.6.0. No factory reset was done. Followed the steps as is (without factory reset as I said), flashed, and basically just waited about 10 minutes on the first boot. Saw the expected force closes but another reboot fixed it all! Quadrant running around 1800 without setcpu or anything.

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