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  1. Hello, More and more dual sim phones enter the market. This allows to run two complementary mobile phone contracts along each other. For example, one with a flatrate for phone calls and another one with a flatrate for internet or texts. I use such a set up. Consequently, I look for a way to bar calls from a sim that is intended for internet/text usage. Do you know whether and how that would be possible? Cheers.
  2. @Nhede Do you think it would be possible to modify the ROM so that one can select that all calls and/or texts are made from only one of the two sim card slots?
  3. Great job. Keep up the good work. Can anyone recommend a screen protection and a case for the X9?
  4. What class should a micro SD card have? Is class 6 fast enough or should it be class 10? Is any particular brand to be recommended? Is there a bargain out there? What micro SD card do you use?
  5. What class should the micro SD card have? What micro SD card do you use?
  6. A big thank you! Do I have to sign up to 4shared.com to get the files? It seems that I cannot download them without going through the hassle of opening a new account.
  7. Thanks for the pointer and your work, dakok. Is the v987 flashing guide confirmed to work with the X9? Over at XDA the write something about a SP Flash Tool. Has anyone used that before - preferably with the X9.
  8. I've got mine yesterday! Quite exiting but I'm also hesitant to flash the X9 as good instructions are lacking out there. So you would plug a whole and do a great favor.
  9. Hey Frankish, Can you please post a step-by-step guide on how to customize the X9? Perhaps you could edit your first post for that. Newbies like me will need a little bit of help and guidance.
  10. I've ordered mine for £104 now. It ships as registered airmail by Hongkong Post and should take about 15-25 working days. Do you know how your device is shipped? How long has Tillaz waited for the X9? Let me know when yours has arrived. The race is on.
  11. Hi Frankish, I am looking into buying one. Where did you source yours from? Couldn't find a reliable source for £96.
  12. zurpher

    T-Mobile Rapport down to £40

    Is there a cheap and reliable method to unlock this phone?
  13. It is for my girlfriend and she will use it for facebook, internet browsing, google maps, email, etc. Probably also music but more with headphones so that it does not need loud speakers. She wants a large display but I wonder if that is worth compromising on the faster CPU.
  14. I have read that the Sony Ericsson Live is a good option. Are there better deals out there?

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