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  1. I have a problem with JJ9 sometimes the dialer freezes at the beginning of a call.I didnt have that problem with JJ7
  2. Cant find the select all option in contacts!!cant delete contacts!i have to delete them one by one!!any solution??using RLS9
  3. Its because it counts your google account contacts.I suppose you let it sync your phones contacts with your google account contacts so thats why it duplicates them now.
  4. I noticed considerable wifi signal gain when i switched from pauls rom to japanese jellyfish.
  5. I think SAR refers only to the radiation emtited by the phone during phone calls.Its doesnt have to do with wifi
  6. Ok i understand that...but higher SAR means that the phone emits more watts of energy right??So does this mean that the phone will also have better reception(better signal) compared to other phones with lower SAR??
  7. Yes i mean during voice calls if it has better reception than other phones??
  8. I think you guys didnt understand what i meant.My question is if the high SAR of the san francisco(1.35 W/kg) results in better signal than other phones with lower SAR. I am aware of the bad health consequences that the high SAR can have in our body thanx.
  9. Does the high SAR rate of the san francisco make it better in maintaining signal in low signal areas??
  10. google ''total recall android'' its the 4th result :D
  11. It should be something in the setings (some effect or something that must be turned off to look normal).At least thats what it seems to me :unsure:...if thats the normal pic then your camera has a big big prob
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