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  1. hi all, got a bit of a query, i`m currently tring to upgrade a prototype streak and it cant find the update server, so i know im probably gonna have to clockwork it then flash from sd, and was wondering if there was any known differences to a uk/euro retail unit? currently Firmware: 1.6 baseband: gausb1a1003151 kernel : 2.6.29-perf oem version : unknown build number : 78590 any thoughts peoples? cheers Smurf
  2. I work at o2, if it was bought online then it has to be returned to online. If you bought it in any o2 retail store then you can exchange it instore. This doesnt apply to franchise stores though. Hope this clarifies it. And to the topic starter, hope you get it sorted.
  3. Hi all Just updated my mrs SGS, and now the battery life is, well, shocking (a cruder word may be more appropriate!!). 8 Hours by any standard is pretty poor. Shes not sending/recieving many (less than 10) emails, she is checking facebook every hour, she did have an animated wallpaper, stock android smoke, but turned that off with no improvement, the main widget shes using is the MIUI Clock/weather widget as she likes it looking like sense, and she has a battery monitor widget in the notification bar, ive disabled all the widgets, tried factory reset, disabled the animated wallpapers, been on the battery usage and the display is using 98% but ive altered the brightness, backlight timeout, and nothing has improved, have any of you got any ideas on what is causing it? Preferably staying on a stock rom as she does like the samsung touch wiz. Please help as im getting a right ear bending about it!!!! Many thanks Smurf
  4. hi all, the tab runs the touch wiz that samsung put on everything!!! is there any way to get just plain, simple, android interface, or even the dell stage/htc sense over it, as touch wiz really spoils the look of the device?
  5. Not sure weather or not this has been sorted elsewhere, but updated my streak to 2.2 and found when I was going onto maps, or loading the google home page when the GPS Kicks in the data network gets shut off, found that there was a setting that needed changing in the apn settings, make sure the last options in the apn settings are all enabled and it wont kick you off the web everytime you go onto maps etc. Hope this helps.
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