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  1. It was just the same for me on IE but disabling the scripts or whatever it was on FF (if that is what the "fix"did ) makes FF work as normal. Hang on, just tried IE this minute (0958 Wed 25th May) and that is ok as well now - no delay on either the Windows or the Android section.
  2. Have tried Firefox and Internet Explorer and both take about 15 seconds to load. This is happening on every page in the forum and it is not happening on any other site. Has been like this for a few days now but it doesn't seem like this is the correct place to post website problems because there seems to be no response from anyone? Can't see where else to "report" this problem? Will leave it for a few day again however each time I have come back, it is still a problem. I don't get a script error showing but it takes 10-15 seconds to load each page each and every time I change pages (including going back). Very infuriating and slow.
  3. Yes thanks Redflake, tried CM7 and still no AC charging. I am now pretty well sure as I can be that it is a hardware/socket problem. I was very happy with SS rls4 for 4 or 5 days when I was using it, everything worked for me until the AC charging problem appeared . Your help is appreciated.
  4. I am still trying with no success. Still able to charge USB ok but NO AC Mains charging???? Have tried most suggestions and spent a couple of hours reading forums and other items but nothing points to the answer yet but believe that it may be connected with "Extra Settings" on SS rls4b however I am pretty sure that because there have been very few other posters with this problem, I have come to believe it must be a hardware/socket problem on my phone.
  5. Thanks Guys, I shall give your suggestions a try. Hopefully, between us we should find a solution. Not sure what is happening with the others (other than Redflake) with the same problem?
  6. Sorry, yes, that's what I thought you meant. I am tearing my hair out trying to solve this problem, I am lucky that my wife has an OSF on flg 9 with charger so I know it is definitely something which has changed in my phone - as you say - probably a bug related to Extra Settings in SS rls 4b but I have now run out of ideas but will still be thinking about it all the time and charging phone up on USB.............Thanks for your help.
  7. Glad to see you can still charge on AC - well done but are you saying it stays on "charging AC" now even when you are plugged into USB/laptop?
  8. Thanks for all your help Redflake but just spent a couple of hours trying to go through the same procedure as you have done with first flb10b and then with my SS rls4b and unfortunately, nothing has changed - still unable to charge on AC. I even went back and tried Stock orange and also no AC charge there so whatever has been done/changed (looks like it could have been in Extra Settings??) appears to be there permanently. The only thing I have noticed is that when (and if) I have my OSF on Settings/About Phone/Status and then insert my USB/micro USB into phone to charge it, it shows AC Charging for about 3 or 5 seconds and then switches to USB Charging? Perhaps this is normal? Don't know what to do next..............I had better check that it still charges in the car and if that ok, and the USB on my laptop/hub ok, then I will have to just do it with those which could be a bit of a pain when I go away without my laptop and without my car. Have any of the others who are having this problem, able to charge AC having gone through the Redflake procedure, please post and let us know. Thanks to all. Any ideas KK please.
  9. Yes, I was surprised how much messing about I had got away with (until now) - SS rls4b was running beautifully for a few days before this problem occurred. I never actually changed anything in Extra settings other than when I saw a post that someone had a faster running phone or app or something like that by changing the settings in HW UI. When I found mine no different I changed it back straight away. I then used/ran my phone on RLS4 for a few days and then suddenly, for no reason, as far as I remember I did nothing and when putting it on to charge overnight, I got no AC charge. So it was not directly as a result of doing something to ExtraSettings - as you say some sort of software bug? Tips and tricks on page 1 said - New in RLS4 - Hardare UI accelleration made default (can be turned off with "Extra Settings"-app) so I have just realised that I was actually turning it off? Other than that, I had not done anything at all with ExtraSettings and it worked ok for a few days. Have tried something like what you did in your detailed instructions,(but not exactly because I want to stay on SS RLS4 if possible) but no joy with the AC charging problem. Will have a deep think about how I can get around this and re-install a good working ROM. I thought a complete wipe and re-install would leave the phone part "clean" ready for a re-install. Did this when I tried flb r10b (my second choice) expecting that to at least be ok and there was still no AC charge on that?
  10. That's very interesting - will have a go at mine. Please let us know please if it continues to charge ok on AC - I am pretty certain that 40mins from 77-100% is a lot slower than mine used to charge but much, much better than no charge at all. Thanks Redflake,
  11. Yes, that is very true and it looks ok too (despite being used a lot in the past couple of months). I have just now tried flashing ss rls4 and no change so I will do a complete wipe and re-set and re-install ss rls4 and see what happens. NO CHANGE after doing a complete re-set and re-install. Still no AC charging whilst USB charging is ok. Don't know what to try next. The common factor seems to be the installation of SS rls4 although it doesn't "go away" when reverting to another rom. Ideas anyone?
  12. Mine was running fine on ss rls4 for 4/5 days before this problem started so it is probably not the installation of the rom but something which causes it to happen at a later stage. Could it be a hardware problem seeing as there are only a few people reporting the problem - I was unable to find any previous posts referring to AC charging. Also interesting that it only seems to be ss rls4 roms which create this problem. sambartles comment "it's almost guaranteed to be a software problem somewhere" was also interesting and I am a little re-assured that others have this problem, I was assuming that I had damaged the "micro usb socket" on the phone - which may yet be true........... I think I will re- install ss rls4 (which I find is very, very good otherwise - particularly in the battery use area) with a full wipe and reset so see if it does it immediately on re-installation. Will probably try this later today. Thanks to all for their help.
  13. Hooked up to pc ok and recognised and read all files immediately. Have changed the roms using flb10 and ss4 and symptoms the same on both - no AC charging. Have also connected it to my car charger and that also worked ok. It worked fine until last night and I haven't done anything to it (as far as I am aware??). Thanks for your help. Don't know what to do or try next????????????
  14. Have not changed anything in "extra settings" since installing ss4 however I have just turned off USB charging and there was no difference. Have put it back on again. Thanks for the tip - didn't think of looking in there. Have not changed anything at all nor installed anything since it last charged up on mains (night before last). I normally plug it in at night and let it charge overnight. Worked ok until last night and then no ac charge?
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