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  1. http://www.ubergizmo...s-phone-7-port/ I didn't think this would be possible but looks pretty legit to me! The sites say it is a blade but it looks completey different, anyone know what model this is and if they released the files could this be flashed to our blades?
  2. imo having that android sticker makes the phone look 10 times worse than the little orange square
  3. Whoops, sorry dude I havn't tried any themes yet I was going by the screenshots to see what looks the best :) I'll be getting the gingerbread theme then! nice work! apologies for my idiocy :lol:
  4. Possible to get the transparant pull down with the gingerbread theme and thin circle battery. It would look awesome! Also is it possible to make the transparancy all blurred like when you're about to turn the phone off, I really love that effect.
  5. What is RIL? and how far did they get this rom converted? was it mostly working?
  6. Hi, I just wondered whether this would be possible, seeing as the roms are ~100MB in space and we have (I think) ~500MB of internal memory for roms, would it be possible to partition this, and mod clockwork recovery for dual roms (select which to boot from clockwork). I imagine this would be really useful for devs as they could have a fully working rom and some more experimental stuff at the same time, it would also be great just for ROM testing etc. Apologies if this has been asked already
  7. I just installed the hardware acceleration and it seems to make menus more laggy thatn with it off, havn't tested any games with it though. On japjelly latest
  8. why bother with froyo? why can't they deliver a fresh batch of gingerbread!!!
  9. The thunderstorm is pretty damn cool and works well on my phone!
  10. I've never had a problem with my wifi disconnecting when on standby, the only time it did was when the phone was on standby for ~27 hours, simple fix is to wait a few seconds for it to reconnect :unsure:
  11. Is it customary to name the roms after animals? Japanese Jellyfish, Hungarian Hedgehog... Can we expect a Chinese Chimp soon?
  12. If its only fixing those few issues in the original post, how will it make the blade any faster?? Isn't the current froyo rom already pretty much perfect barring the minor bugs/quirks. tbh I coloudn't care less if the leds aren't working, I don't even know why they flash red and green on my eclair rom anyway, it just seems random to me :unsure: EDIT Actually the one use is knowing when its charged...
  13. The sound quality on my blade is poor, there is a hissing in the background which is annoying when it goes quiet and the volume on the lowest setting is way too loud, on the loudest it coloud probably break the earphones. So if you want good sound quality I would say go for the ipod
  14. how exactly does this rom improve on the alpha rom? I thought without the right kernal the performance wouldn't improve...
  15. So is this possible to fix? Also can the screen theoretically handle more than 2 inputs? Its true that it gets annoying when you're trying to play an emulator or a drum kit and it makes you hit the wrong button!
  16. Does the hardware acceleration affect the speed of the ui at all, for example menu scrolling? Does it enable internet pages to render faster or is it just for games?
  17. What is that reflection on the left screen? Its like a mirror on the screen or the screen is far away from the glass or something Is the touchscreen on the tft better than oled?
  18. What exactly is the issue with wifi? I've never had such a problem, I can leave wifi on, send the phone to sleep, wake it again and it reconnects just fine. Is it a router specific issue?
  19. Does 2.2 add any speed improvements at all? I heard it enables gpu acceleration, does this just improve apps or does it make the menus a little smoother? ( is there a mod for smoother scrolling in menus?) Other than the occasionally laggy menus mine is running butter smooth with launcher pro and stock rom, flicking through homescreens is so nice its addictive, literally iphone quality, I urge anyone with a blade to get it! I'll remove the orange crap soon and see how smooth I can get it.
  20. Forgive me for mutilating your brilliant work but maybe it should be arranged differently to fit the screen better and use more pixels so it looks smoother. Here are some of my hacked together arrangements using paint and a touchpad, could the blue in zte be made a bit darker?
  21. Damn these look so awesome I especially like the latest blue and orange and the pulsing animation. I had a great idea for an animation, the zte would be static but the 'blade' written with a laser (glowing light animation) Or mayybe have 'blade' etched or engraved into a sword, that would look pretty nice as a wallpaper. Can anyone magic something like that up, I don't know how yet :)
  22. Haha They finally gave the blade a picture. I guess they're begining to see that the blade is a real contender not just some cheap bit of dirt!
  23. Always the fear, like he had for a second there, that if I took it apart it wouldn't work again :) I was wondering whether there was enough RF shielding in this phone because interference can be heard through the headphone jack, I was wondering if I could either replace the headphone jack or shield the area more (on the back) to fix it.
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