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  1. Nice 'cast gents. As a regular listener it was a neat experiment to see you both and worth while repeating especially if the topics are visual. PS. Can I have a Google Play Giftcard please!
  2. Works like a charm. Thank you. Tested using su from an adb shell. @Rem1x I checked the version after the initial update and it is the one Paul quoted.
  3. Its heavy compared to my Nexus and much wider, so doesn't sit well for reading. As an e reader I would not recommend.
  4. I find my Sony NEX 6 paired with my Nexus 4 ( and Nexus 7 ) produces excellent results, slightly fewer pixels that the QX10 and QX100 but a DSLR sensor in a compact body and interchangable lens means the quality is exceptional. Plus you get much more control over the camera than with the QX series. Its a fair bit more money than even the QX100 but gives more options and a proper view finder. I believe the android app used by the QX10 is the same Play Memories app I use with the Nex 6, which I hope means more updates to what is currently a fairly reasonable application although not as simple to use as an EyeFi card. I would recommend an EyeFi card for anyone wanting to push pictures from their camera to their phone for sharing, if they can't stretch to a WiFi enabled camera.
  5. My N7 is running well after the update but because I was on the MoDaCo 4.1 I did a flash of the factory image rather than the OTA update. 4.2 does seem smoother. I did have an issue with Firefox only running for a few seconds before stopping, but FF is now updated and performs fine. I have installed Button Saviour and removed the standard buttons giving more screen real estate. I am using Blue VPN to teather my N8 and it works fine. Looking forward to another MoDaCo update for the N7 but what I currently have is a good second.
  6. Re: Google Music on Linux. I take back what I said earlier... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/getting-started-with-google-music-on-ubuntu
  7. Tried with TunnelBear and it didn't work. However HideIPVPN worked a charm. Shame you can't upload from a Linux box.... As to why its not available in the UK, I assume the BPI can't agree with Google.
  8. Hi all, I thought I would share an excellent app that got me out of a hole with the Nexus 7, specifically being able to tether to my Nokia N8-00 (which only supports adhoc networks). My Vega and Scroll Excel are using modified wpa_supplicants but nothing yet exists for the Nexus.... even had ago at rolling my own supplicant but to no avail. So enter BlueVPN, it has its limitations that not all apps like using it but for browsing it works a treat. https://play.google....id=com.bluexvpn It enables Bluetooth Dial Up Networking on your tablet and uses the phone as a bluetooth GPRS modem. Another plus is that I don't need WiFi on the phone enabled so its kinder to the battery. Note I am not connected with the developer but assumed that a few here might benefit from this. HTH Phil PS. If anyone has some ideas about patching wpa_supplicant_8 on Jellybean please shout.
  9. This one works perfectly with Nexus 7 + StickMount. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/220960816331 Its actually gone up 4 pence since I purchased mine!!
  10. I had exactly the same issue with VegaCream and this post came to my rescue. http://forum.xda-dev...0&postcount=255 Ensure you backup your existing /system/bin/wpa_supplicant then copy over the new file using adb and ensure that the permissions are maintained. Perform at your own risk etc, all I can say is that it works for me. Adhoc Wifi access points show with a (*) next to them. Excellent choice of phone btw ;) Phil
  11. Very nice ROM, I installed from ModdedStock V2, and its all looking very slick. The only issue is I can't get into recovery. I tried the reboot recovery app, adb reboot recovery and the power menu. I have also flashed ICS_Vega_Recovery_5028 and VegaTouchRecovery_v01b1 images, and attempted to reboot to recovery using the above methods. Nothing appears to work, I would like to do a nandroid back up once I have CWM installed but at the moment I am a bit stuck. BTW the flash_image binary and the recovery images came from Scanno's recovery thread. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. It appears that "blade wifi fix" from the market, solves the sleeping wifi issue. Only slight niggle is the sound on the keyboard click some times misses, setting the cpu scaling to ondemand works well as well. Hope this helps someone.
  13. Fantastic news and good to "see" you back. I haven't been on MoDaCo recently either. I have been running Corvus5 for nearly a year and its been rock solid, so thank you very much. So I thought I would flash your latest. I have to say its quick and very usable. However I was seeing the issue with Google Play. As soon as I got an app downloading it force closed and kept closing until I cleared the data and started again. The download thread was throwing a security exception. Installing from other sources was not a problem. The Play apk closing appears to be because the Vending.apk is "installed" rather than present in the /system/app directory. I uninstalled the apk and pushed it to where is should be and my "market" is now working. Only one of the three advanced wifi options for "Keep WiFi on during sleep" appears to work as it should, the wireless appears to sleep and not recover no matter which option is selected. I will keep trying it and see what else I can find. Cheers Phil
  14. That would do it :blink: Corvus roms have an updated vold ( automounter ) filesystem table, that auto mounts NTFS drives and the kernel modules to support it. Bit surprised that Vegacomb does not have it, pretty sure it has the module support. A while back someone wrote some scripts to simplify the process of manually mounting other format drives but you do need the support in the rom for the filesystems. I had a go writing an app to do the same ( see the codespace link in my sig ) but when Corvus added auto mounting it was less useful. HTH Edit: This link - http://code.google.com/p/ptbw-codespace/ and look for USB manager.
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