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  1. I have been using Touchpal for a while and find it better than other swipe type keyboards. However (after a recent update I think) it now doesn't stay as m default keyboard and the phone keeps reverting to stock Android keyboard (so I have to re-select Touchpal). Am I being immensely thick and missing something obvious as I have fiddle around with the settings that I think are relevant and am now getting somewhat frustrated. Thanks
  2. princeotter

    G510 vs G300

    Whats the responsiveness / 'slideability' of the screen like compared to the G300 as I find the G300 screen a bit 'draggy' compared to say the wife's Samsung G2 ?
  3. princeotter

    Ask MoDaCo: Huawei Ascend G510

    That's ex VAT price £108.34 plus VAT = £130
  4. princeotter

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    The number of timing settings per day seems low (my current one has 6 settings per day and can be set differently for each day) but then I suppose if you can access it over t'internet then you don't need lots of settings.... £125 seems steep for a programmable thermostat though - decent non wireless ones are £30-£50 (mine's £31 currently) .
  5. Use TWEAKKER app from Playstore. No manualinputs needed - works for numerous networks
  6. princeotter

    Screen Replacement- Fail

    I am yet another butterfingers that dropped their G300 and cracked the glass. I have just ordered a new glass for mine off Ebay but, having now read how tricky this replacement seems to be (should have researched before placing order I guess), am regretting doing so. And also having already ordered the new glass I suddenly remembered I had some screen protectors for my iPod Touch that I hadn't used - stuck one on and, although not a perfect fit, it is holding the cracks in place and the phone is really quite usable. Not sure if I now want to attempt to change the glass as, at the moment, at least I have a functioning phone. I did buy a new G300 so maybe I shall get an Ovivo Sim and use this as a tethering device. Anyone found any other tips or videos of how to replace the glass without trashing the phone?
  7. princeotter

    Oleophobic coating

    Thats the stuff. Sounds like it might be worth a try. Certainly the G300 as standard doesn't repeal fingerprints and dust as well as my iPod Touch or the wife's iPad so I am assuming its not already oleophilic (although its not as bad as my Xoom for fingerprints...)
  8. princeotter

    What antivirus do you use?

    Second vote for Avast! Especially with the theft/loss extras as well. Going to put it on my stepdaughters new GS2 so that when she puts it down somewhere daft (like actually in her Gecko's tank) and can't find it and we cant call it as its in silent mode (and this is normally 2 mins after she should have left for work....) at least we can text it and make siren go off :-)
  9. princeotter

    Oleophobic coating

    There are some people saying that there is a new product called Crystalusion Glass Protection that uses nano technology and that this not only acts a screen protector but also adds oleophilic properties. I have read a review and at first look seems impressive but not seen longer term report on whether it is say better than just Rainx or Brasso Gadget stuff.
  10. princeotter

    Where to buy your Vega!

    3.2.7 went on like a dream whereas 3.2.6 wouldn't - odd
  11. princeotter

    Where to buy your Vega!

    Now up to £149.99 plus VAT !! There were in stock as my friend received theirs this morning (saving £50 plus VAT by acting fast - wish I bought a few at that price and sold them on Ebay !!!)
  12. princeotter

    Where to buy your Vega!

    i see they have upped it to £119.99 plus VAT now. Told a friend about it and luckily they got one this morning before they increased the price. Now guess who is going to have to MOD it for them...... but not with Honey Ice as I have already wasted an evening trying to get that on my Vega !!!
  13. I don't know whether it something that work have changed but over last month or so I haven't been able open attachments on my Work emails (Exchange server). I tried every combination of SSL etc but I just either get Loading or Fetching Attachment (and a indicator bar that looks like it is loading something) but nothing does load. Or sometimes the attachment doesn't allow me to click on it. I have all the necessary viewers installed so I know its not that but have I not set an association possibly? . I have tried at least 3 email clients including K9 and Touchdown but no joy. It don't think its Vegacomb as it shows same symptoms on wife's non-Vegacomb one. Annoyingly I can open attachments for this email account on my Ipod Touch (and as far as I can see the email account settings are the same) so this suggests that it is an Android issue rather than exchange that work have made. I think the Exchange account uses OWA (as server name is webmail.xxxxxx.xx - obviously not xxxxxx.xx) if that adds any clues Anybody got any suggestions. It used to work great and is very frustrating as trying to read big attachments is a pain on the Ipod Touch - let alone on the Work Blackberry Thanks Steve
  14. princeotter

    Do I need a Kindle?

    For prolonged reading an ereader is better as it is less strain on the eyes. Much lighter to hold as well. But the big upside of ereader is that you can see it in sunshine! Try reading the highly reflective Vega screen in the garden. Vega is good for night time though as ereaders don't have backlights and unless you have a lot of light or a clip on light then they are quite hard to read. I have Sony 350 and the cover with built in light and that is good combo and I like the 5" form factor. I think Kindle (esp new £89 Kindle) has slightly more contrasty screen and new 6" one does away with the silly keyboard. Upside of Sony is the ability to download ebooks for free from library (altthough I realise that you could convert via Calibre to use a Kindle). Bottom line - ereader for 'serious' reading (£89 for Kindle is almost throwaway money), Vega for occassional reading but for all the other fab things you can do with it despite some of its shortcomings
  15. Thats what it appeared to be. As i say I restore build.prop back to default settings and hey presto I could access for example Tablet Keyboard whereas previosuly I couldn't. The only thing I had changed in build.prop previously was the LCD Density from 120 to 150. Not sure what other LCD settings might work - might have a try and see as it's a wet Saturday :-)

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