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  1. Hi Elmo108 I've now downgraded to 1.5 and am pleased that I don't have a serious problem as it's been working really well even with heavy use. I hope it's ok to ask you, (I'm just asking as there are many conflicting pages here for it) do you know where I can download CM6 0.3 and how to install it? The owners guide refers to FLB MOD1 only ?!?!? Would really appreciate your help with this!!
  2. Yes I saw the users guide and did start reading it, but will go back again to day to read it again, thanks ;) Hi Nitko, sorry if this is a silly question but I would like to try that too...how do I disable swapping?
  3. Hi guys, I've been visiting this section of the Forum for a few months now but have only come to post now for the 1st time as I nearly threw this phone out of the car window today. I've had this phone for a few months now, and it originally came with 1.5 so I updated in August from the link on the Hungarian site and that was fine. All of a sudden, upto 4 times a day now (then takes a break for 2 days) the whole phone locks ups (lights are but nothing is responding) and I have no option but to take the battery out. 1: I found a post about the memory card possibly being corrupt so I formatted it and put it back in the phone with nothing on the card...it happened again. I bought a new SD Card and the same thing again. 2: I even went a few weeks with NO apps from the marketplace and it still happened. 3: Today I read with interest about the firmware from China appearing and then moving onto one from Venezuala....Am I ok to try this? 4: Finally, this is my first Android phone and as much as I feel that I can follow instructions on how to install a custom rom, this site is absolutly confusing with all the different versions and which one we should be using. I found one page which had instructions on how to start installing a custom rom and I couldn't follow it...as the person who released it got so much flack about what wasn't included made me worried if I was doing the right thing. The post I am referring to is ROM cm6 AIO r3 (based on beta 0.40), Updated on 04/12/2010. Sorry about this guys, as I really do like the phone and really appreciate the work you all do here, but I'm just trying to find a solution on this flaming freezing issue and if it has helped anyone by installing a different Rom...and if you have WHICH ONE? ;)
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