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  1. On CM7 there is an option to remove the vibration, but no in GSF, so it is not an feature of Android but the feature of ROM.
  2. My Blade vibrates everytime I answer the call. It is very disturbing. Can I disconnect the effect somehow. In CM7 there was an option for that, but I haven`t found it on GSF
  3. I allready found widgetsoid. What else there is to be found?
  4. I have the same problem. Wifi won´t stay on. This need some fixing.
  5. Sorry, I didn´t ment to start a new thread. Did it by mistake. And what is most incredible. Blade was an hour so that it did not charge a single % and then suddenly it loaded normally.
  6. Something has happened. Or is it just my Blade which is acting strangely?
  7. I don´t think so. My Blade is is charging from laptop, but not from normal way from the wall. So there is still one big question to solve. Good luck.
  8. Me too. This happened with N60. Went to bed yesterday with 40 % phone battery left. At morning phone was off and there was only 1 % battery left. I checked in the evening that Wifi and gps were off and even the phone was forced to use 2G network. The problem is, that you can´t know how the phone uses elecricity. One night can go with only 5 % loss of energy and the other night can use 50 % of battery.
  9. I updated my Blade to gen 2 SS4b, and the phone is working, but whole boot sector is missing. Green Android appears but even if i press vol - it won´t go to clockwork mode. It stays on green guy. I can see the SD-card and its content with my computer.
  10. It is obvious that many other also has this problem too with CM7 stable. CM7 does not make Android Market icon on my apps and if I go to directly to Android market and sign in i can´t load apps. Market says I´m logged in but tells me that there is no Android phone connected to this account. And i can´t download anything. Help please!
  11. I installed jj rls7 in my ZTE Blade, but it operated in roam-area and I couln´t change settings in phone because they where not possible to activate. I dared not to use it in fear of huge bills. If i checked of roam mark in the phone, no connection to internet was awailable. Flashing Saunalahti.rils in phone boot says Verification not identified (7files) -> aborted. The same situation if i try to flash with FLP Froyo 2. Over 700 files not identified. I´m using RA Recovery. How could I update to jj rls 7 so that Saunalahtis settings would work?
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