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  1. 11% here as well - getting good battery life out of this ROM, way better than I was getting with CM7 and about the same/ever so slightly better than Fish and Chip RLS2 By good battery life I mean it will get through the whole day with moderate use and still have some life left upto bed time when I put it on charge over night. I can't understand how some folkes are quoting 2 and 3 days out of any ROM?? I think the only way I could do that would be to turn Flight Mode on !!!
  2. very happy with this ROM - best battery life I've experienced since I got my Blade 12 months ago !! Cured the problem with my bluetooth and car phone kit - swapped the bluetooth.apk with the one from the CM7 rom - all is great now. My phone does all day with moderate use and still has an average of 60% left when I put it on charge at bed time :rolleyes: Just checked now and it's been on for 15hrs and has 65% left
  3. Hi, Been running this rom for a couple of weeks and find the battery life good - better for me than CM7, but when I see screeshots of 10 or 12 DAYS, I can't understand how mine is nothing like that - lol. If I can get to the end of the day with 20-30% left , I'm happy. Anyway, the only problem I've encountered is to do with bluetooth pairing with my car - it pairs ok, but refuses to download the phonebook to the car?? I temp reverted back to CM7 from a CW backup and the phonebook works perfectly with the car?? Any ideas, as I'd like to come back to this rom for its superior battery life. Cheers
  4. Never used UOTK before - it's great - thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Launcher 7 for me too. I'm finding the battery better than CM7 - any way to revert to stock battery status display (don't like the circular one - just my preference)
  6. Hi, Is there any way to effectively "split" or "share" the bluetooth on my ZTE Blade?? I have a TomTom satnav and want to be able to connect it to my phone via bluetooth to enable traffic data etc AND connect it to my car handsfree kit. Is this possible ??? Cheers Geof
  7. ah, pinging the phone - never thought of that - I'll try that later. If the phone does not respond to a ping, then either "spare parts" is wrong, or I'm not interpreting the reading correctly (prob the latter!!) Cheers
  8. Hi, I tend to not do much "browsing" - mainly email, facebook, twitter updates via tweetdeck (set to check every half hour). The only one that sync when it wants is gmail - maybe that's the problem?? Am I interpreting the spare parts readings correctly?? Cheers
  9. Hi, Came to this ROM a couple of weeks ago from flibble - nice ROM works well for me - v stable. I have an issue with wifi in so much as although the setting is "off when screen off" it never actually seems to turn off?? If I charge it and then disconnect the charger and check spare parts an hour later, it says wifi on 100% and wifi running 100% What is the best way to prevent this as it kills my battery. I would be happy for it to connect for a minute every half hour, but I've not found a suitable app to do this. When the phone is a sleep, it's really asleep as only the power button with bring it back up. Cheers
  10. Hi, I'm on the same SIM deal as you and I can confirm everything works as it should. My APN settings are the same as yours except: Name: Tesco Authentication Type: <not set> APN Type: default,supl,mms When I installed fbl r8a there were many APN entries in the list and I just deleted them all except the Tesco one. Geoff
  11. Regardless of Orange, I think I prefer to stick with flb 8a I can only imagine what they will do with it - lol
  12. Flib, AWSOME Just upgraded from r6 with the fixes added before the "official r6 fix" - needed a full wipe, but it works GREAT. Seems much smoother and faster than r6 and I can't find any problems with it. Keep up the good work. Geoff
  13. If, as it says in the advert, it's a 1000mA output, it will give an "A/C charge", if it's only 500mA, it will give the "USB charge" indicator. I have a 1000mA USB car charger and the phone charges really well with it. The el cheapo charger I had actually lost charge when using google navigation - lol
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