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  1. International topic of GXI goes on XDA.
  2. I bet no one knows, but I just ask, where is this new kernel from?
  3. So what happens, or happened with you, if simply avoid swap? Is it seriously affects the operation of the Rom?
  4. Thanks a lot, I hope we'll be able to recieve answers to some of our questions here, cause I was trying in Spanish at HTC Mania, but not sure that Elitemóvil understood what I asked. So first of all why does he use swap? As far as I know, the system only starts using swap, once it runs out of RAM. But since we have 512 MB, it's more than enough. For me, only 100-200 MB use to be reserved, 300 at most, but never all of it. So what is the point after all? The other thing might be just mistyped, but 1,37 GHz OC? Isn't that just 1,037? And about EXT & App2SD, are they also necessary? Cause we have the repartitioned layouts, giving more data than 165 MB, so lack of space for Apps isn't such an issue anymore. Although having the possibility of redirecting cache to the RAM would be very useful.
  5. Tell me about it, it took me two weeks to figure out why those frigging icons disappear all the time, after I got my first Android a year ago. Anyway could you please comment on my #656 ?
  6. Do you guys also know the build-up of RAM? Not that I would in lack of it, just curios what happens with that 100+ MB, I can't see in the resources-management App. That would be the dalvik-cache? And what else?
  7. Well, the back of the plastic case is a real piece of s***, my hand sweats on it under 5 mins, and since it's big enough not to be hold comfortable and safely, I do have to concentrate on not to slip out of my hand. The display also have some insensitivity issues, but that only seems to be a Hungarian specialty so far, which I hope to be fixed by the latest ZTE TPT update. Besides that, it's big and cheap enough to still worth to buy of course. Altough the HU T-Mobile just put it on discount from ~145 pounds to ~130, I'm not sure that I would have bought it for 145. Best is for the Spanish, they got the right case I would really wanna buy, just dunno how.
  8. Well, I'd rather not take this into philosophical heights, cause I won't be able to stop, so I just simple disagree with you on life, which is a gift, since I always considered it as a burden, which apparently suck for even more and more people. I really wouldn't mind if suddenly someone just step to me, and shoot me in the head. But until it happens I'll do my best to survive, and not hurt others in the meantime. If you feel sorry for me, just don't, neither do I nor you gonna feel better from it.
  9. Sorry, I didn't realize, that "firmware" is not really used around here, we just say it in the hungarian forums, and mean by the image.bin updates ZTE publish. So I guess it's the TPT than. One more thing is clear for the day. Thanks again. :) Though there would be a last one. How is it possible than, that for instance I TPT my phone with OMC "firmware", and it still accepts only the HU T-Mobile SIMs? Shouldn't be the mobile carrier specific editions (I linked above) carry the locking method? Know that unlocking is partly solved, but that's just too complicated for me.
  10. And that combination would be the +volume + menu + power? And what if the phone doesn't even react to that? That's a full-brick?
  11. Thanks for the clarification, I haven't heard about this 57.5 MB partion used for the radio before, that' why the confusion. But now I'm finally fine. :) Btw I wasn't considering changing those small partitions of course. Tho I still have a blind spot: where do the firmware files go, that would be the radio partition?
  12. InteRESTing. But cache and dalvik-cache aren't the same, are they? Just cause I thought that dalvik-cache is in the RAM, which would make no sense to redirect to the SD. Or do I completely lost? Thanks for the advice, but the thing is, I have a sad and empty life , that's why I try to fill in with some exciting mobile modding. But if that's not gonna work in long term, than I'll have a cat. Or 2.
  13. Yeah, I saw, I edited too. But you're saying after all, that ~60 MB we missing from the 512 Mb doesn't even exist? So we're just the victims of ZTE's marketing?
  14. Well, let's just say than it's quite troubling. ZTE! What have you done with the rest of our memory?! I want it back! :D EDIT: so the other ~60MB we can not see would be the firmware, or what?
  15. How much did you screw it up? I'm just curious what restoring methods you know to de-half-bricking a Skate. :)
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